5 takeaways from Virginia Tech’s detriment to Georgia Tech – Virginian

Virginia Tech looked like a Ramblin’ Wreck in a 28-22 detriment to Georgia Tech on Saturday. For a initial time in a Justin Fuente era, a Hokies mislaid back-to-back games.

There was a lot to takeaway from Tech’s misfortune opening in 2017, so let’s dive in.

1) The Hokies seemed to onslaught with a fundamentals

Whether it was a feign punt on fourth down, a blown coverages or even a elementary stops a Hokies couldn’t get, a whole diversion seemed like an ascending battle.

It felt like a spectacle if a Hokies gathering a ball, though it was a same feeling if a Yellow Jackets didn’t score. Fuente is now 0-2 vs. a Yellow Jackets and their time-consuming offense. Tech has work to do in sequence to finish a deteriorate with wins opposite Pitt and Virginia.

2) Josh Jackson has regressed in a final integrate of games

The muted descent line doesn’t assistance him much, though even when he has time, he seems timid. He’s immature and unequivocally talented, though hasn’t consistently done plays recently. Tougher competition? Yes. But still.

As a freshman, Jackson has exceeded expectations. So I’m arrange of nitpicking here, though we consider that this child has another rigging that he will strike in a future.

3) The play job was … sub-par

Why would we chuck adult a request on fourth-and-1 with scarcely a notation to go? Why wouldn’t we take a points in margin idea operation early? Why do we go for it on a fourth down early?

It only seemed like a calls were rarely questionable. As we tweeted during a game, on a third or fourth and 1, we take your large quarterback and tumble forward. Most of a time you’ll get a initial down. Don’t only swell it into a finish section and see what happens.

4) There’s STILL copiousness for Virginia Tech to play for

Several fans on amicable media after a diversion are proclaiming “Fire Fuente!” and “Clean house!” That’s ridiculous. Fuente is 17-7 during Virginia Tech. In his final dual years, Frank Beamer was 14-12 and it seemed like a positive.

It was predicted that expectations would be sky high after a surprisingly clever 2016 campaign. Tech has 3 some-more opportunities, including a play game, to collect adult wins, and could finish 10-3. That seems extremely tough to protest about.

5) Time, knowledge and majority will assistance this team

The Hokies are immature and inexperienced. It’ll take a small longer for this group to consistently win. Young guys like Jackson and receiver Sean Savoy have splendid futures in Blacksburg.

Talent is good and hype is great, though zero unequivocally trumps experience. Fuente, and a Hokies will mature in late-game situations and learn how to measure consistently. So, whisper Hokies fans.

Virginia Tech welcomes Pitt to Lane Stadium subsequent weekend for a 12:20 p.m. kickoff. It’ll be a home finale, and comparison day.

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