Air-Gapped MacBook Air Helped Rian Johnson Avoid Leaks When Writing ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Shame it wasn’t leaked previously so we wouldn’t have had to compensate income to this turd.


Lol, as shortly as we saw a pretension of a thread, we started laughing. we was like…..this is such an easy doorway to travel through, lol.

I saw it twice, suspicion it was alright. we favourite it improved a second time (without a expectations)

It’s interesting, we know who people adore it people who despise. This positively seems like a many divisive film in a franchise. It will be engaging to see how it ages…..

I’m meditative JJ’s arriving film competence be some-more accepted, from a ubiquitous assembly standpoint. He doesn’t seem like he’d do anything too radical.

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