Auto techs increasingly use dungeon phones in a use brook — IMR research

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Nearly 9 out of 10 automotive technicians during eccentric correct shops use their dungeon phones during work to entrance information applicable to their job, according to IMR Inc. an automotive marketplace investigate firm.

“Smartphones and tablets play such an vicious purpose in how so many industries are doing business,” IMR President Bill Thompson said.

“The automotive aftermarket is by no means defence to this trend. Technicians have some-more entrance than ever to a vicious information they need to yield glorious service, and it’s vicious for tools manufacturers, distributors and emporium owners to know how reaching technicians is changing in this digital age.”

IMR pronounced the investigate shows 87.4% of technicians use a dungeon phone during work to entrance technical information, technician primer sites, catalog information, tools manufacturer websites for technical or product information, grouping tools and examination training or enlightening videos and content.

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