Babcox Media Acquires Transmission Digest

Babcox Media Inc. is gratified to announce a merger of Transmission Digest. 

For scarcely 39 years, Transmission Digest has served as a primary
resource for shops seeking a parts, services and reserve required to
run a successful transmission/powertrain business. Adding Transmission
Digest to a Babcox Media portfolio of media properties and marketing
solutions enables Babcox Media to extend a strech offer into the
automotive correct marketplace by providing a focused, extensive
technical coverage required for these disciplines. 

Based in Springfield, Missouri, Transmission Digest was founded in
1980 by Les Carol Langsford of MD Publications, Inc. Current
Publisher, Bobby Mace, will continue to offer in his role, and the
company will sojourn in Springfield.

Transmission Digest magazine is delivered to some-more than 18,000
shops in a United States any month, providing a full operation of
information and educational resources to emporium owners and technicians
serving a transmission/powertrain aftermarket. The brand’s digital
publications ePowertrain Bulletin and Transmission Tech/Talk provide
additional in-depth educational and anxiety collection in both calm and
video format. 

“We are vehement to acquire Transmission Digest to a Babcox
Media family. The code has a long-standing repute for delivering
extensive technical coverage of diagnostic, correct and installation
information, that a readers value. The further of this code to our
company allows us to supplement some-more abyss to a already endless coverage of
the automotive industry,” pronounced Bill Babcox, President of Babcox Media. 

“Joining Babcox Media provides a good eventuality for Transmission
Digest to move some-more news, preparation and calm to a readers. Their
comprehensive marketplace believe and wide-reaching coverage via the
aftermarket will assistance us some-more effectively foster and broach our
services,” pronounced Mace. “Babcox Media has a low story in a industry
segments they serve; I’m unapproachable to join a team.”

About Babcox Media Inc. 

Founded in 1920, Babcox Media ( is a business-to-business media and information services association portion a automobile care, tire, performance, blurb trucking, automobile dealer, powersports and fan markets. Today, Babcox produces some-more than 100 industry-specific imitation and digital properties, uncover dailies and eventuality guides for heading trade shows. In further to webinars, video, tradition calm and marketplace research, a Babcox Media Innovation Group provides lead generation, list let services, eventuality media government and vital communication skeleton and campaigns on interest of a clients. With a immeasurable portfolio of imitation and digital products and services, Babcox Media is dedicated to building and delivering calm in innovative formats that accommodate a needs of today’s readers and advertisers.

About Transmission Digest

Transmission Digest, founded in 1980, serves sell emporium owners,
technicians and suppliers by providing technical rebuilding and source
of supply information to a transmission/powertrain shred where
repair tasks continue to grow in complexity. The code provides
expertise in a areas of a endless technical believe relating to
automatic and primer delivery evidence correct and installation
information as good as calm traffic with government and marketing.
Transmission Digest publishes both imitation and digital editions of the
monthly magazine, as good as a digital publications Transmission
Tech/Talk and ePowertrain Bulletin. 

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