Camarillo Based Inventor Launched Kickstarter Project

Innventor, Garrett Kendrick, has launched a Kickstarter project for his electronic product GPS AdventureBox.

The GPS AdventureBox is a small wooden box that uses GPS and other electronics to revolutionize gift-giving. The giver uses a special website to specify destinations anywhere in the world and list hints for each one. Once they have created the list of destinations and hints, they put the gift inside. The box locks and can’t be unlocked until the recipient has visited each of the destinations using the respective hints. The box has an LCD screen on top that displays these hints and distances to get to these destinations. The GPS AdventureBox can make giving a gift extra special and personal.

Garrett has set a small funding goal of $5,000, but has the resources to handle the demand of much greater funding. The deadline for funding is January 19th at 5pm and the first units will be shipped in February.

About Garrett Kendrick

Garrett Kendrick lives in Camarillo with his wife of fourteen years and their two sons. He served in the US Navy for nearly twelve years. He first started working with electronics at age thirteen and computer programming at age fourteen. While in the Navy, he worked as a Chief Electronics Technician and completed multiple deployments. He now works as a government contractor and manages multiple personal electronics and programming projects. The GPS AdventureBox is his first crowd funding project.


To learn more about the project or contact Garrett, please visit the official product webpage or the Kickstarter webpage

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