Colors Unleashed for iOS allows changing Color of Status Bar on iPhone

Power APP has released Version 1.0.0 of Colors Unleashed for iOS, an app that allows the user to modify and change the color of the Status Bar on iPhone and iPod touch, a part of the screen that usually can’t be altered.

“Since Smartphones in general and especially iPhones are available, users took the chance to personalize the looks of their phone. The part they couldn’t change at all is the status bar on top of the screen, we found it was about time to change that and give users the possibility to change that part of their screen to their liking as well” as christian Schaffner, CEO of Power APP states.

The look of some parts of the display always have been out of control for the user. The status Bar on top of the screen always had to be taken “as is” and couldn’t be altered at all.
Colors Unleashed is changing that behaviour, it allows the user to set individual wallpapers for each home screen and start screen and combine it with colorized status bars.

Matching Wallpapers for the various Status Bar templates are included as well, with many themes to choose from.

The library in the app comes with templates for both wallpapers and status bar, they can be combined to the users liking allowing thousands of possibilities to personalize that part of the iPhones display too.

The app works by adding a color status bar of the users choice to the devices wallpaper, which then places a “colored” section behind the translucent/

transparent status bar section on the iPhone or iPod.

“There are thousands of picture editing apps available for the iPhone, and they are not only used to share pictures that have been created on the go, a lot of these pictures are used as wallpaper on the iPhone. With Colors Unleashed it’s a simple thing to add a matching status bar to the self made wallpaper, which was not possible before” says Christian Schaffner.

App Store, Entertainment Category

USD 1.99

iPhone and iPod touch, iOS 6.1 or later


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