Crossville Updates Installation Manual for Gauged Porcelain

Crossville, TN, Mar 12, 2018-Crossville, Inc. has expelled an refurbish to a Installation Manual for gauged porcelain tile panels.

The revised technical manual, offering in English and Spanish versions, highlights Crossville’s correspondence with ANSI A137.3 standards and reinforces correct interior designation per a ANSI A108.19 standard.

In 2017, Crossville led training for some-more than 400 professionals in a designation of gauged porcelain tile panels. Cumulatively, a association has lerned 1,500 porcelain tile row installers by sessions on site during Crossville domicile and during workshops co-hosted with attention partners and associations.

Crossville’s Derrick Patterson of a technical services group was instrumental in a rider of a Installation Manual, ensuring it conveyed Crossville’s correspondence with ANSI A137.3 and upheld a ANSI A108.19 designation standard, as well. Notably, technical services executive Noah Chitty was among a attention experts during vast who collaborated to rise a designation customary for this burgeoning product category.

Both a English and Spanish versions of a primer are accessible during

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