Custom Autosound Audio Install in a Vintage Mustang

001 Custom Autosound USA 740 Install Lead

Mark Houlahan

Our Week to Wicked Mustang strike a 2017 SEMA Show building final Nov to most fanfare. Every time we stopped behind in a counter there was a vast throng around a Mustang, and it was also good perceived going by a SEMA Ignited march on Friday night. All in all we feel a plan has been a outrageous success. So most so that we’re formulation a second Week to Wicked classical Mustang build for after this year, so stay tuned for some-more sum on a what, where, and when of that happening.

One of a final post-build week projects we indispensable to finish to hang a Week to Wicked Mustang was adding some critical audio to a 1966 hardtop. With a Mustangs to Fear tradition doorway panels we commissioned wearing their Kenwood member speakers, we were prickly to get some sound to them. Couple that with California’s hands-free pushing laws for phone use—we wanted to step adult to something with Bluetooth capability to stay protected and legal. Lastly, we wanted a audio source to be means to hoop mixed inputs and fit a classical Mustang lurch but cutting. We found a resolution to all these needs and some-more with a direct-fit conduct section from Custom Autosound.



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