Engineering Lead – Civil and Structural

As Responsible Engineer for Civil Structural Systems safeguard systems are designed opposite a transparent matter of correspondence with tangible Requirements, including proof that a pattern meets applicable Health Safety Environmental and specified Nuclear Safety requirements.

Lead and conduct one or some-more technical pattern packages similar plan compared objectives, handling technical teams producing a designs and creation suitable technical government responses.
Ensure that a pattern support covers a range of operations compulsory by a Project Manager and is constructed to concluded standards, report and budget.
Plan for effective plan implementation, identifying pivotal factors and heading a project’s technical formulation process.
Ensuring effective Quality Management Arrangements work and broach by correspondence with Business Management System and Technical Manual.
Ensure that a processes and activities being managed are reasonably documented with suitable annals confirmed and pattern and peculiarity controls applied.
Ensure that staff and contractors are informed with a hazards and risks compared with a work undertaken by a substituted engineering group by effective government and communication of a Risk Assessment.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Competences The claimant should have:
Experience of pattern and confirmation of complicated polite engineering and building structures to applicable seismic codes for gratifying Nuclear Safety Functions sold knowledge in wharf structures elite
Knowledge of architectural pattern of industrial buildings
Knowledge of construction techniques employed for Nuclear Safety compared structures and buildings.

A Degree in an suitable engineering discipline.
Chartered Engineer, purebred with Engineering Council.

Civil Engineer

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