Finance government app Track launches

Track announces full app launch to assistance immature homeowners drastically urge a antiquated knowledge of handling home finances.

The new era of homeowners, conditioned by a arise of fintech, design sharp online products. They can now also conduct domicile finances from one simple, beautiful, connected mobile app.

The series of UK first-time buyers – normal age of 33 – is during a top turn in over a decade, with first-time customer mortgages in Sep augmenting by 1.6% year on year and outstripping home movers. However, this organisation of homeowners has a singly severe set of characteristics. Sky-high residence prices have forced many to co-finance a squeeze with partners and parents, though while common finances among younger homeowners is common-place, there’s a flourishing enterprise to maintain
financial independence.

Track founders Byron McCaughey Henry Oakes, who met while study during Imperial College Business School, set out to build an app that recognises these hallmarks of a immature homeowner – from formidable tenure and ‘together though separate’ finances, to a expectancy change brought about by a arise of FinTech.

Byron McCaughey, co-founder of Track, commented: “We have code new ways of handling all online from a stream accounts, to a pensions to a credit scores – and it struck us that there is zero out there for a biggest and many personal asset: a home.

“We built Track to give immature homeowners a clarity of empowerment, palliate and above all else, to take a romantic highlight out of income management.”

Track is now crowdfunding on Seedrs, following investment from Europe’s heading PropTech VC Pi Labs.

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