Fireworx – creating a big bang for businesses online

Fireworx, the Bournemouth-based design and marketing agency, has launched a specialist digital service designed to help businesses get a bigger bang from their online buck.

With mobile devices fast outstripping PCs as the primary means of online browsing, companies without a sound digital strategy are in danger of being left behind, according to Fireworx Director Daniel Smith.

“There are more mobile devices than people on the planet – and businesses that fail to embrace the revolution in the way people consume information are likely to be severely disadvantaged,” says Daniel. “It is estimated that mobile internet usage will surpass PC surfing this year…yet less than three percent of companies have websites that are responsive to every type of device platform.”

Fireworx Digital has been created to help organisations implement web-based strategies that incorporate online planning, purpose-designed responsive websites for mobile content, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click marketing and social media engagement.

“Mobile communication has reached the point where for millions of people online access via a tablet or smartphone is the preferred way of networking or gaining information,” says Daniel. “Yet many companies are failing to keep up with online trends and still see website development and online engagement as a cost rather than an investment. Yet the evidence is there for all to see – mobile website visitors are shown to convert to leads up to 10 times faster than PC website visitors…that’s a lot of potential business lost if the experience is poor.”

Fireworx Digital works with a mix of national and regional businesses, among them Knowhow, PACEY, BrightHouse, Harveys Cargo, Game and Western Union.

For Knowhow, ( Fireworx have been working to optimise the user experience, including re-developing key areas of the website to better communicate to consumers.  Working with the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY-, the company became a ‘critical friend’ in creating a site that was engaging, informative, easy to use and able to meet the needs of the 20 percent of visitors using mobile devices.

“Mobile internet usage is more than doubling every year,” says Daniel, “so creating a web presence that is content rich is no longer enough….it now needs to be fully responsive to the needs of every platform.”


For further information, call Daniel Smith on 01202 559 559 or email:

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