Food Tech News: Dunkin’ Brands, Coca-Cola Coffee and Drive-In Concerts

Dunkin Donuts

The weekend is here! Which means for contingency of us in this pestilence universe … it’s a lot like a rest of a week. But we can lighten your day (no matter that day it is) with a small bit of fun food tech news.

Dunkin’ Could Shutter Up to 1,150 Stores
Dunkin’ Brands’ CEO summarized this week how a association skeleton to get by this pandemic. As QSR Magazine writes, partial of that devise is to tighten 800 U.S. and 350 general stores. On a gain call, Dunkin’ Brands’ pronounced this plan would assistance a association concentration on peculiarity over quantity.

Coffee Flavored Coca-Cola Coming to a U.S.
If you’ve ever had to discuss between a crater of coffee or a can of Coke to get your engine going in a morning — good news! Coca-Cola is bringing a coffee/soda hybrid to a U.S. starting in Jan 2021 for members of a Insider Club. Food Dive reports that a drinks have double a caffeine and half a calories of a unchanging can of soda, and will come in Dark Blend, Vanilla and Caramel flavors.

Touch-Free Payments for Drive-In Concerts
POS association Appetize announced this week that it is providing contactless payments for Live Nation’s “Live from a Drive-In” unison array in Philadelphia. The complement will concede socially apart attendees to sequence food from their mobile phones and have it delivered directly to their cars.

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