Food Tech News: Vodka Made from CO2, McDonald’s Embraces Solar and Wind Power

Photo: Air Co.

If you’re lucky, we have Monday off and a three-day weekend forward of you. If you’re not as lucky… hey, during slightest you’ve got food tech news.

This week we’re covering stories that prisoner a seductiveness around a web, including vodka done with sequestered CO2, McDonald’s investing in renewable energies, and more. Enjoy!

Air Co. debuts new vodka done from CO dioxide
Startup Air Co. recently denounced a new code of vodka whose ethanol comes from CO2 instead of a normal yeast. The company’s record uses CO dioxide, prisoner from internal factories, as good as H2O and electricity to emanate a alcohol. that debuted in retailers and bars in New York City this week. The usually byproduct is oxygen. According to Fast Company, any bottle of Air Co.’s vodka sequesters as most CO as a intake of 8 trees.

Photo: Kellogg’s

Kelloggs and Deliveroo launch D2C kitchen in London
The Kellogg Company has teamed adult with British food smoothness association Deliveroo to emanate a delivery-only dish use (h/t Called Kellogg’s Kitchen Creations, a craving is run by Kellogg’s and will offer plant-based dishes done regulating a brand’s breakfast cereal and snacks. The D2C dishes will usually be accessible by Deliveroo. Plant-based and dim kitchens? Quite a smart combo.

McDonald’s invests in breeze and solar power
This week McDonald’s announced it is investing in dual startups formulating renewable energy. Aviator Wind West focuses on breeze power, and a solar energy company’s name was not done open (via National Restaurant News). The tolerable investments will beget a homogeneous of over 2,500 McDonald’s restaurants-worth of electricity. Last year a fast-food sequence set a idea to cut a hothouse gas emissions by over a third by year 2030.

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