Food-tech height SmartQ raises $1 million funding

New Delhi : Online food-tech platforms SmartQ on Wednesday announced lifting supports value USD 1 million from an financier organisation led by a consortium of Dubai formed investors.

The existent investor, YourNest has also participated in this round. As a partial of a arrangements, Anvita Varshney Ex Managing Director of Lazada organisation has assimilated as a Board of Advisors for SmartQ. Neeraj Sharma, Ex VP HP Asia Pacific has also been mentoring a SmartQ organisation from early 2017.

Founded by Krishna Wage and Abhishek Ashok in 2014, a association has immensely grown a product portfolio, patron base, geographical participation and sales turnover. Charting a good success story for itself, SmartQ has been flourishing 50 percent month-on-month and clocks over 1,00,000+ exchange each day.

SmartQ intends to use a lifted supports for expanding a business within India and opposite general geographies along with serve strengthening a organisation by removing together tip talent. Through a supports received, a classification also has skeleton to hurl out some of a world’s best and initial of a kind product portfolio for a customers.

Addressing several hurdles faced by employees and caterers, SmartQ enhances cafeteria and food-court knowledge by expelling queues, minimizing wait time, augmenting collaborative work time. By enabling corporate employees to place their orders by mixed means, SmartQ implements a innovative and cutting-edge product digital Cafeteria Solutions.

“The appropriation has enabled all of us during SmartQ to take a classification to a subsequent turn of vital enlargement and serve scaling adult on technology, talent and code building in full swing. With a partners’ organisation faith in a business plan and a singular solution-providing capabilities, we demeanour brazen to grasp a enlargement goals and eventually do a prophesy of SmartQ,” pronounced co-founder and CEO, SmartQ, Krishna Wage.

“Within a brief camber of time, SmartQ has been means to build on a outrageous patron bottom and has been portion some of a best and large-scale businesses. We were intensely tender with a superb work that a classification has been doing by providing end-to-end cutting-edge record solutions of tellurian standards to all a customers,” pronounced ex handling executive of Lazada group, Anvita Varshney.

“SmartQ has prisoner an glorious marketplace share by providing larger customization, choices in product offerings and innovative record solutions to a customers. SmartQ being a best record height for digital cafeteria, is on lane to turn tellurian personality in digitized cafeteria and food courts tech industry,” pronounced handling executive and account manager, Yournest, Sunil K Goyal.

Pioneering a digital cafeteria solutions, SmartQ has aggressively prisoner a immeasurable marketplace of food courts and cafeterias providing mixed advantages for caterers and food courts.

The digital cafeteria height of SmartQ includes Mobile application, Automated Billing Kiosks, Centralized Billing System, NFC Prepaid cards, POS program etc.

Younest, an early theatre try collateral account has entirely committed a Fund 1, that was of Rs.90 crores, to 16 companies including SmartQ. The Fund was a “Youngest VC Fund” in India to be featured in a tip 10 ranking by Returns in Preqin’s Ranking of VC and PE supports opposite Sectors and Vintage. “YourNest India VC Fund II” of Rs.300 crores is focused on leveraging clear unmet appropriation needs trimming from Rs.4 to 6 crores in a selected domains. (ANI)

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