Fuel Tank Varnish and some-more Vintage Mustang Tech Questions and Answers

Lead Mustang Tech Gt350 Side Scoops

Fuel Tank Varnish
My 1965 Mustang has been sitting in a margin given 1984 and we am disturbed about polish buildup in a tank before we glow a engine. we emptied a fuel and it smells OK, though we am disturbed about polish deleterious a tank and lines. Is there a approach we can purify a tank or should we only buy a new one?
Gary K.
Boise, Idaho

I suggest cleaning out a whole complement if we can; polish is your biggest problem. You substantially also have a strange tank in a car, that was lead lined, and that helps too. POR-15 sells a gas tank replacement pack (item #49239, por15.com) and it works fine, though given Mustangs are so renouned a cost of a new gas tank is comparatively inexpensive, so we generally only reinstate a tank. Take time and purify out a fuel lines, transparent a pump, and go forward and reconstruct a carburetor. You might get it using though cleaning a system, though we will substantially harm something too.

Running gas preservatives in a destiny creates clarity given we generally park a vehicles during a winter and they customarily are not daily drivers. But there is another threat to cars that lay for prolonged durations of time—ethanol-blend fuels. They started introducing ethanol-blend fuels in a late 70s, and ethanol releases dampness into a fuel tank and creates decay on a inside of a tank. When we refill a tank, all those decay particles tumble behind into a fuel and get sucked into your fuel system, clogging a carburetor and ruining a fuel pump. The problem is worse with new tanks that are not lead lined. we only went by this with a uncover automobile that had been sitting a final 10 years. It had fuel stabilizers in it, though a ethanol fuel in a tank rusted and clogged all when we attempted to glow it up.

So for your Mustang that is driven spasmodic or stored for prolonged durations of time, use Sta-Bil, Sea Foam, or your favorite fuel stabilizer for a varnish, and use non-ethanol–blend fuels if we can find them to forestall decay buildup. If we can’t find non-ethanol fuels dispensed locally your other choice is to buy fuel in cans or drums from renouned opening fuel companies.

Shelby Side Scoops
I’m building a 1965 Shelby G.T. 350 reverence car. Did all 1965 G.T. 350s come with a scoops on a quarter-panels? What tone should a paint be inside them? Body tone on a quarter-panel and a backside of a scoop? Or something else? Thanks.
Bruce Faucet
Via a Internet

None of a 1965 Shelbys came with a side scoops, a scoops were introduced on a 1966 G.T. 350. In 1966, all though a dim colors had a inside embellished semi-gloss black

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