How Technology is Turning a Tables on Human Traffickers

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How Technology is Turning a Tables on Human Traffickers

While I’m not customarily one to get teary-eyed and adipose from a oeuvres of domestic speechwriters, on Sept. 25, 2012, President Barack Obama gave a speech during a Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting that was straightforward and passionate. That day, a boss denounced tellurian trafficking, job it “a small-mindedness of a common amiability that tears during a amicable fabric of a communities, distorts markets, endangers open health, and fuels assault and orderly crime.”

Although a complicated worker trade isn’t something that many of us contemplate during length about any day, Obama’s debate is a covenant to a fact that tellurian trafficking is alive and good in a 21st century. The infancy of a victims are children and women between a ages of 18 and 24 — 43% of whom are sole into a sex trade. Moreover, a masterminds behind these rapist operations are earning annual increase of around $32 billion. Their success can be attributed to their savvy use of record to sign unlawful deals, withdrawal small snippet of their exchange behind. Recently, however, those operative opposite tellurian trafficking have motionless to quarrel glow with glow by regulating record to expose rapist rings and kick traffickers during their possess game.

Many experts now trust that vast information is a many critical new arms in a quarrel opposite complicated slavery. When it comes to fighting tellurian trafficking, record is key. Law coercion agents need consistent entrance to a tide of vast information in sequence to cranky check and anxiety stolen and mislaid transport documents, credentials check suspected criminals, and exhibit patterns in rapist behaviour. Old fashioned military and investigator work is no longer sufficient to quarrel criminals who are regulating smartphones and bitcoins. Police now have to moment codes to entrance information saved on password-protected inclination and investigate vast quantities of information in sequence to guard a liquid and ever-changing activities of criminals who have proven themselves able of bettering to new methods and utilizing new collection to spin a profit.

Luckily, collection such as information mining, mapping, computational linguistics, and modernized analytics can be used by a government, NGOs, and law coercion agencies to serve anti-trafficking goals. In 2010, a University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute (ISI) and a Center on Communication Leadership and Policy collaborated to rise antecedent program designed to detect probable cases of sex trafficking of minors online, and they shortly satisfied technology’s ability to make tellurian trafficking some-more detectable and some-more traceable.

In sequence to foster these forms of experiments further, Google began shelling out grants to organizations that aim to use record to quarrel tellurian trafficking. In April, Google gave $3 million to assistance 3 anti-trafficking organizations — the Polaris ProjectLa Strada International and Liberty Asia — combine on a Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network. The network shares and analyzes information from internal hotlines to find and assistance victims, locate trafficking activity, and work to forestall trafficking as it’s happening. Palantir Technologies, a association that has helped tackle rascal in a U.S., donated a analytics height and information formation program to a project. Meanwhile, a association is operative with Polaris to urge a organization’s call tracking capabilities. Thus far, Polaris has collated information from 72,000 calls and identified over 8,000 victims.

Data gleaned from mobile networks and other electronic inclination emanate a route of justification that can be used as an useful apparatus in identifying, tracking, and prosecuting traffickers. As Obama so aptly stated, “We are branch a tables on a traffickers. Just as they are regulating record and a internet to feat their victims, we are going to strap record to stop them.” It’s going to take a lot of loyalty and skill to stay one step forward of traffickers, though those behind these new technology-based initiatives seem adult for a challenge. 

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