How to retrofit machines for rapid job-to-job changeover

The final on a coherence of complicated prolongation comforts are ceaselessly increasing. The vast accumulation of products and ever smaller collection sizes are focusing courtesy on best complement accessibility in particular. Short setup times, for instance for distance changes, are so a customary requirement for prolongation and wrapping machines.

As a manufacturer of positioning systems of several kinds, Siko’s truth is to cruise any appurtenance pivot alone in box of distance changes and to muster a distance changeover resolution many useful technically and economically for a user.

Flexible prolongation processes during a spin of a circle or during a press of a button

Whether low with a palm wheel, process-reliably with bus-capable position arrangement or entirely automatically with an actuator, a trustworthiness and doing of a positioning systems used is essential for stretchable prolongation processes. As a contriver of a involuntary and digital position display, Siko is achieved in building digital position indicators, and works in tighten partnership with heading general appurtenance manufacturers to build on a decades of expertise.

From a inexpensive, quite involuntary solutions to Industrial 4.0-capable “smart” positioning systems that promulgate and are networked with any other, a association offers a operation of solutions for attention and involuntary engineering.

Manual, electronically monitored or entirely involuntary distance changeover – when does any resolution make sense?

1. Manual appurtenance distance changeovers

For environment positions in a appurtenance that magnitude needs to be adjusted, a classical involuntary and digital position indicator is provided. They are inexpensive, and a accurate arrangement of a tangible value creates environment a spindles reproducible. The setup times – i.e. a machine’s downtime during a product change – are a top with this solution, however, as any position has to be set manually. The settings contingency also be checked manually and presumably accurate in a exam run of a complement before array prolongation can be resumed.

The advantages are so obvious:  Mechanical position indicators are inexpensive and concede reproducibility of appurtenance settings.

2.    Monitored distance changeover with train capability and electronic position display

Bus-capable position indicators, such as a SIKO AP05, with setpoint/actual value comparison and standing arrangement of a primer adjustment, offer certain technical advantages over quite involuntary position indicators, creation them “smart”. The appurtenance user can so see from distant divided a brightly illuminated LEDs, indicating either a appurtenance pivot is already set rightly or contingency still be converted. Red indicates that a appurtenance pivot is not set correctly, and immature indicates that it is. This leads to high routine trustworthiness and reproducibility. Integrated LEDs also arrangement a instruction in that an pivot has to be adjusted. The position indicators obtain their elementary parameters and a preferred setpoint position from a appurtenance control complement around a fieldbus.
Clever users set a appurtenance such that it can work usually when a axes are set correctly, i.e. when all axes “are indicated green”.

So when is it advisable to use electronic, bus-capable position indicators?
They are ideal when several distance changeovers per day are required. The integrated setpoint/actual value comparison leads to softened routine reliability. Their use is extremely some-more discerning than quite involuntary solutions.

3. Automatic distance changeover with compress positioning drives

With their brief time and setup times, compress actuators offer considerable opening and pledge a accurate and entirely involuntary positioning of appurtenance axes. This leads to aloft productivity, smoothness of prolongation and extended profitability. Integrated fieldbus and industrial Ethernet communication interfaces make a drives stretchable in integration.

Jürgen Schuh, DriveLine Product Manager for SIKO GmbH in Buchenbach, knows from a believe of his business that standby times for machines and installations can be drastically condensed regulating automatically driven actuators. Reputable companies, such as Fischer, famous around a universe for a “Fischer dowel”, are references that pronounce for themselves. Herbert Erath (Head of Special Machine Engineering during Fischer) says: “We were means to revoke a setup times from 45 mins to reduction than 5 minutes. That’s an huge benefit in efficiency.”

The actuators fast compensate for themselves for a appurtenance operative as good for a user, given a softened potency formula in a benefit in rival advantage for a appurtenance user and therefore for a operative too.

Are actuators a lot some-more costly than involuntary positioning devices?
A cost comparison of entirely involuntary distance changeover and primer changeover for machines mostly shows that a differences are insignificant. In practice, these were found to be reduction than one percent of a appurtenance cost for entirely involuntary distance changeover with SIKO drives. One reason for this is that feeble permitted positions no longer have to be done permitted by stealing involuntary components, such as shelf gears, to capacitate primer changeover.

Intelligent networking
The tie of actuators or electronic position indicators to opposite fieldbus systems concede mixed inclination with a singular communication interface to sell information with a control system. The operation of accessible interfaces extends from a elementary and inexpensive RS485 protocol, a SIKONET5, to a attempted and tested train systems Profibus and CANbus. Standard technologies in a margin of industrial Ethernet are also supposing with Profinet, Ethernet IP, Powerlink and Ethercat.

To promote complement integration, Siko offers users countless program tools, such as duty modules, appendage instructions and opposite libraries as good as technical support.

In annoy of their rarely compress dimensions, a forward-looking compact-positioning drives are accessible adult to a torque of 14Nm (type AG24). The drives have a vale missile with a clamping ring for easy and discerning installation.

Depending on a version, a customary AG array comes versed with an integrated 2-line LCD arrangement and a built-in keypad. Not usually can a particular IP addresses be assigned; a stream tangible value and a particular setpoint can also be directly monitored in sequence to say an overview in a box of diagnostics. Furthermore, around a arrangement and a keyboard, any stored parameter can be checked and practiced if necessary. Possible handling information can be review out and errors can be diagnosed though an research around a fieldbus being necessary.

Intelligent and compress actuators are therefore a initial choice for all users whenever visit distance changeovers with high peculiarity final are made. They are essential Industry 4.0 components for stream and destiny appurtenance designs.

Attachment harmony of positioning devices
For common vale missile measure of 14mm or 20mm, Siko offers a operation of position indicators and actuators that can be total and mechanically interchanged with any other, creation them mechanically compatible. This formula in a not-to-be-underestimated advantage for a appurtenance manufacturer! The appurtenance builder can flexibly and away offer a grade of automation of appurtenance to be manufactured, according to a customer’s requirements. Each appurtenance pivot can, depending on mandate and changeover frequency, be versed with a position indicator or a positioning drive, even retrospectively (retrofit).

4. Retrofitting appurtenance for size-changeover

For formation in existent machines and equipment, Siko has a new business zone specialized in appurtenance optimization and retrofitting and that offers not usually consulting and use for member integration, though also ready-to-use Plug Play solutions. Thus, for example, with a Siko HMI ETC5000 we can fast and simply optimize electronic position indicators and actuators with existent appurtenance designs. ETC5000 stands for “Easy Touch Control 5000” and can be operated exclusively though any believe of programming and though tie to a PLC.

Higher appurtenance potency interjection to reduce appurtenance changeover times
The aloft a final for peculiarity and a some-more frequently an pivot has to be positioned, a some-more prolific and some-more essential a use of monitored or involuntary positioning solutions becomes.

In a U.S., strech SIKO Products Inc. in Dexter, Michigan.

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