How Virginia Tech’s win opposite No. 19 Wake Forest was selected Bud Foster

BLACKSBURG, Va. — Few players reason Bud Foster in most aloft courtesy than linebacker Dax Hollifield, so we knew when a dual found any other on a sideline in a final notation of a Hokies’ resounding 36-17 win opposite No. 19 Wake Forest that a impulse would be special.

This was Bud Foster Day, after all, one in that Virginia Tech respected a iconic timid defensive coordinator with a ensign in Lane Stadium temperament his name and a design of a famed lunch pail that’s represented his defenses for some-more than dual decades.

And while a tension of a day was guaranteed to be complicated — low down, Foster’s a large softy, generally when he starts meditative about all that Virginia Tech has meant to him — this was an generally touching moment.

“I pronounced we desired him,” Hollifield pronounced of their embrace. “I pronounced we appreciated all he’s finished for me. And he said, ‘I adore you, too.’ He was like, ‘You’re going to lead this place back…

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