Humanizing Technology – Art Meets Science


Like a delayed brewing rebel opposite a investiture (a trend we are saying socially and politically around a world), a exponential advances in record growth are commencement to elicit a contra stance. A push-back.

Not since we wish reduction of them. In fact, a ardour for better, faster, cheaper record – program and hardware – can usually be described as voracious, and insatiable. More is more.

Rather, it’s since these mechanical, arithmetic and increasingly invasive technologies are withdrawal us feeling cold, tranquil and ironically, disconnected. After decades of building record to make humans some-more effective or discharge a need for their impasse in all demeanour of tasks, from soaking a dishes to convention cars, we strech a indicate during that potency and automation are no longer enough. It’s turn de-humanizing.

Then, progressing this year, Taiwanese dancer, choreographer and inventor, Huang Yi, available a dance duet with a robot, accompanied by a solo cellist. As we watched in astonishment of a machine’s subtle, issuing movements and a clearly romantic tie Yi had to it, we wondered either we was watching an insinuate adore story or only some freaky techno-art. And because are we essay so tough to raise this symbiotic attribute between humans and technology?

It seems we wish a technology. And we wish it to be some-more human.

Consider these 3 factors underpinning a expostulate to civilizing technology:

Restoring homeostatic balance.

Living creatures find a state of equilibrium, or homeostasis – a physiological and psychological expostulate to revoke tragedy and say inner stability. When we are cold, we strech for a sweater; when we are hungry, a courtesy turns to food; and when we are confronted with ambiguity, we hunt for certainty. Today’s record is creation many feel a annoy and cacophony that comes with being out of change – that this harsh concentration on record enrichment is somehow withdrawal us behind.

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