ICICI Bank to concentration on leveraging technology: Chanda Kochhar

NEW DELHI: As it looks to serve raise a lapse on equity, ICICI Bank will concentration on leveraging record to broach innovative banking solutions and on capitalising expansion opportunities as a economy grows, Chief Chanda Kochhar has said.

She also pronounced that a bank’s concentration on improving a core handling parameters has helped it catch a aloft credit costs.

“Despite a aloft credit costs, we were means to grasp an alleviation of 10 basement points in a lapse on resources to 1.86 per cent (in final mercantile finished Mar 31, 2015) compared to 1.76 per cent in mercantile 2014,” Kochhar said.

“At a ICICI Group, we will continue to concentration on leveraging record to broach innovative and available banking solutions, capitalising on a expansion opportunities that will arise as a economy grows, and nutritious a handling parameters as we grow, to serve raise a lapse on equity,” she said.

Addressing a shareholders in her annual letter, a bank’s Managing Director and CEO pronounced that a a economy entered a new proviso with several process initiatives and certain trends in a series of macroeconomic indicators, though a corporate and SME sectors continued to knowledge hurdles given a enlarged slack and light gait of liberation during a final fiscal.

This resulted “in continued additions to non-performing and restructured loans for a banking sector. Against this backdrop, we continued a calibrated proceed to lending in these segments and confirmed a proceed of balancing growth, profitability and risk management,” she said.

Kochhar pronounced that a arrangement of a fast supervision with a clever charge had a vital certain impact on view and a medium-to-long tenure mercantile opinion final year.

Elaborating on a bank’s opening in a final fiscal, she pronounced a bank focused on continued clever expansion in a sell portfolio, progressing a clever appropriation profile, and serve improving a pivotal handling parameters — including margins and handling efficiency.

“Our non-banking businesses also achieved healthy expansion and we continued to say a really clever collateral position.”

The bank’s sell advances portfolio grew by 25 per cent year-on-year, while it mobilised about Rs 22,000 crore of stream and assets comment (CASA) deposits in mercantile 2015.

The CASA ratio softened from 42.9 per cent during Mar 31, 2014 to 45.5 per cent during Mar 31, 2015.

The bank’s standalone distinction after taxation crossed a Rs 10,000 crore symbol for a initial time, while a combined distinction after taxation grew to Rs 12,247 crore and a combined lapse on equity was 15 per cent, she said.

“ICICI Bank has been during a forefront in leveraging record including a stream and rising transformational trends of mobility, digitisation and fast expansion of amicable media, to move value to a customers,” Kochhar said.

“We have leveraged a record capabilities to promote faster and available processes, emanate best-in-class record platforms and revoke transaction costs.

“Our innovations in new years have extended a patron authorization and softened a altogether patron experience. At Mar 31, 2015, we had 101 entirely electronic Touch Banking branches opposite 33 cities.

“We have a clever participation in amicable media by banking on Facebook, that we serve strengthened by apropos a initial bank in Asia to deliver remuneration services on Twitter.

“We have also invested in a corporate internet and mobile banking platforms to urge a patron knowledge and to yield value-added solutions to a supervision sector,” she said.

Kochhar serve pronounced that a bank stretched placement network with further of 297 branches and 1,136 ATMs in mercantile 2015.

“Our network of 4,050 branches is a largest among private zone banks in India, supplemented by a network of 12,451 ATMs,” she added.

“We have a clever and diversified franchise, an endless placement network, and have invested in formulating heading record platforms. We trust India is during a fork of a proviso of clever and postulated growth, driven by a clever fundamentals and a forward-looking policies of a government,” Kochhar said.

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