IndiGo passengers stranded during mixed airports due to obstacle in airline’s systems

IndiGo airline passengers stranded during Delhi's IGI airfield as flights were behind due to technical glitch in server

New Delhi: Passengers of IndiGo airline were left stranded during mixed Indian airports as a airline’s systems were down for about 90 minutes. A check in moody operations was reported by passengers from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bhopal, and Goa who took to Twitter to demonstrate their frustration. 

“Indigo airlines server is down given final 45 mins during Delhi airport. No strait plans. People are watchful in the queue,” a newcomer tweeted. 

“Thousands of a passengers are stranded during Mumbai airfield due to error in a servers of Indigo Airlines. No response is being given. The primer complement is not working,” one Ramakant Gaur tweeted.

Travellers from Bengaluru and Mumbai airfield also being grounded due to a “technical snag” in the airline’s servers. A passenger from Bhopal also tweeted that he is watchful for Indigo to start operations.  

Abhinav Ranjan from Bengaluru from a Bengaluru airfield tweeted that there is disharmony inside a airfield due to Indigo’s stranded moody operations.

A newcomer from Goa tweeted a video wherein passengers of a airline seem to be roiled about a 45-minute check in take-off and intent in an evidence with a moody crew. 

“Indigo airlines, contrition on you! GE 252 Goa-Indore on Sunday did not take off even after 45 min of passengers boarding a aircraft. The passengers started yelling and a captain of a moody came out. The  ground Staff was station outward a airfield and celebrating something while a passengers failing due to no air. Shame!,” tweeted Neha Beri. 


The airline replied “we bewail a nuisance caused to the passengers this afternoon due to complement being down opposite airports for around ninety minutes. Our flights and check-in systems are handling routinely now”. 

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