KC Martin-Stone Wants To Get People Thinking

KC Martin-Stone sees passed people, lots and lots of passed people.

KC confronts a grave spook of genocide in her uncover ‘I See Dead People’, and no, not articulate about Bruce Willis. Grow up.

Death stays a banned subject for many and in ‘I See Dead People’, KC explores topics such as how opposite cultures understanding with passed bodies, what’s a many environmentally-friendly approach to go and either or not Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

“Audiences can design a uncover that is equal tools light and dark, pushes a bounds of good taste, and is alternately intolerable and illuminating,” KC explains. “People should come if they wish to figure out how to get absolved of their physique when they die.”

“I wish people who see a uncover suffer a laughs and learn something new, and also warn me with quirky contribution we don’t know. Recently a fan sent me a couple to a technical primer for estimating a emissions from crematoria, and that was improved than an unsolicited print of their genitals!”

While comedy has a prolonged story of a lawyer-turned-comedian, KC Martin-Stone binds a eminence of being Australia’s premier archaeologist-turned-comedian and she’s entrance all a approach from a Top End to speak about finale adult 6 feet underneath in her Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut.

Suffice to say, KC is only failing to accommodate you.

“I adore how a uncover gets people thinking. The assembly has a possibility to ask me anything they wish to know about passed bodies and genocide care, and it’s always fascinating to see where that leads. I’m looking brazen to saying what quirky questions Melbourne people ask.”

Upcoming ‘I See Dead People’ dates have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

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