Letter: New record creates centralized energy plants outmoded

New systems improved than
centralized energy plants

Re: “Manjoo: It’s a finish of California as we know it” (Opinion section, Mercurynews.com, Oct. 31):

Farhad Manjoo’s oped suggests, among other suggestions, that California pattern a energy grid to offer some-more people some-more effectively.

Inventors Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla determined a initial electricity systems to be centralized with energy plants connected to users by prolonged delivery lines.

For a many part, centralized energy era is still in place today. Yet, new energy era technologies and storage systems make centralized energy out-moded. We now have a means to yield a electricity some-more locally.

Local energy creates internal control some-more feasible. If indispensable to equivocate wildfires, we would be means to close off energy in Geyserville though interrupting energy to many other communities. Existing prolonged delivery lines would usually be indispensable as backup to internal power.

A CO price and division process would not usually inspire a use of renewable power, though would also inspire a deputy of a existent centralized complement with internal systems.

Rob Hogue
Menlo Park


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