Longtime tech financier Paul Meeks warns a improvement ‘could occur during any time’

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As tech hits all-time highs, longtime financier Paul Meeks warns a improvement ‘could start during any time’

The financier famous for using a world’s largest record account during a dotcom bang is lovely his call for investors to keep their portfolios light on a tech sector.

Sloy, Dahl Holst arch investment officer Paul Meeks sees near-term difficulty coming formed on frothy batch prices.

“Because they’re so flighty high beta [risk] stocks, when they scold they don’t only go down 2 percent. They go down 20 percent,” he pronounced Friday on CNBC’s “Trading Nation” in an talk this week. “It could start during any time.”

His latest call comes as Wall Street celebrates a Nasdaq’s miscarry to all-time highs. Since a Feb improvement lows, a index has soared some-more than 7 percent.

“Valuations are extended for some of a names, and everybody’s favorite names quite a FANGs,” pronounced Meeks, referring to a widely-held organisation of tech stocks: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google [the holding association of Alphabet].

But that doesn’t meant a former Merrill Lynch portfolio manager is abandoning his positions. Meeks, who owns Apple shares and has extended bearing to tech stocks, contended a backdrop is strong.

“I’ve been covering a tech zone for a really prolonged time, and we can contend in my heart of hearts that a fundamentals relations to a other 10 sectors in a SP 500 are as good as they’ve ever been,” he noted. “Fundamentally we like it — quite certain themes for tech spending within a sector.”

A tech impassivity would be a vital shopping event for Meeks, who’s putting together a list. He says he’s formulation to pounce if there’s a 10 to 20 percent downdraft, since once it winds down, a Nasdaq could still see a clever year.

Facebook is a FANG batch creation his list, as good as some semiconductors.

“Advanced Micro Devices currently [Friday] is down 2 or 3 percent when a marketplace is raging. Same thing with Micron. we consider some of a semiconductors have depressed and they haven’t gotten behind up,” Meeks said. “But we consider they’re some good opportunities.”

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Veteran tech financier says high-flying tech bonds are too pricey

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  • As tech hits all-time highs, longtime financier Paul Meeks warns a improvement ‘could start during any time’

    Veteran tech financier Paul Meeks of Sloy, Dahl Holst discusses tech with Dominic Chu.

  • Veteran tech financier says high-flying tech bonds are too pricey

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