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JiJi Technologies, the  global leaders  who  are already in the vanguard  in systems and security  solutions  for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment  is proud to announce   the launching of one more product  in their product  range for commercial availability namely JiJi AuditReporter.


JiJi AuditReporter is a web based auditing and management solution, which can monitor, manage and generate reports on Active Directory, GPO, Exchange, SharePoint and File Server. In addition to the existing reports you can create your own report from innovative web UI. You can send email alerts on each and every AD changes. JiJi AuditReporter supports live and automated AD user account management from reports and using Schedulers respectively.

Support for Governance

• JiJi AuditReporter supports IT administrators in finding any discrepancies in systems securities, as well as enforcing pre-defined   company’s IT policies.

Empowers administrator to spot, who made the change, when, what and many more.

With few clicks, “JiJi AuditReporter” tool can be configured to generate audit reports to review the status of your company’s environment.

In simple words, JiJi AuditReporter helps administrators to take action before the situation goes too far.

Also, administrators can easily configure the tool, to report instantly or on demand.

Support for Risk Management

Having internal audit and external regularity audit in mind, JiJi AuditReporter is designed to serve for any audit requests.
In JiJi AuditReporter, 800+ out of box reports are available.
In addition to existing reports you can create your own report from the product UI.
Support for conducting inch by inch auditing on all AD object changes.
This tool helps IT administrators to stay complaint and be on top of any security loopholes.

Support for Compliance

• JiJi AuditReporter is an excellent AD reporting tool that can furnish reports to satisfy regularity authorities and court.

Using this tool you can access and generate numerous reports which are mainly requested for SOX, HIPAA, ITIL compliances audits.


•          Centralized enterprise governance and risk management.

•          Helps organizations to conduct SOX, HIPAA, ITIL compliance audits.

•          Custom email alerts on mission critical changes of your organization.

•          Complete insight on AD, Group Policy, Exchange, File Server and SharePoint.

•          AD Management with much less administrative effort through automation.

•          Modular Architecture reduces system overload and improves performance.

•          Quick resolving of enterprise issues, with a little effort.

•          Reduces help desk calls.

•          Return on Investment (ROI) is considerably increased.

•          Helps your organization to reduce costs, improve security.

•          Increases the productivity of both employees and organization.

Pricing and Availability

For evaluation, JiJi AuditReporter is offered for 30 days trial.

About JiJi Technologies:

JiJi Technologies are proven global leaders in system management and security solutions for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment.  With world-wide extensive knowledge and vast experience in this field, JiJi Technologies have augmented technology investments and effected laudable cost savings. JiJi Technologies” customer area has spanned over 40 countries.  We are always guided by our determination to bring out new IT products for augmenting the security and processing information to catch up with galloping global technologies.  JiJi Technologies also offer following products: Active Directory Reports, Active Directory Cleaner, Active Directory Bulk Manager, Password Expiration Notification, Account Lockout Analyzer Tool, Self Service Password Reset, Self Update, Help Desk Password Reset, GPO Search, GPO Exim and Self Extractor.

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