Memphis Airman Selected As Finalist In AF Spark Tank Competition

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Source: Tennessee National Guard

MEMPHIS, Tenn ( – An Airman from a Tennessee Air National Guard’s 164th Airlift Wing is one of 6 finalists in a Air Force’s Spark Tank Competition and is scheduled to showcase his thought during a Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium on Feb. 22, in Orlando, Fla.


Memphis resident, Master Sgt. Thomas Crider, a superintendent for a Maintenance Operations Center during a 164th AW, grown a upkeep operations and training protracted existence (MOTAR) system.


“It involves regulating protracted existence goggles, that are ragged over a eyes, that concede we to see by them and still correlate with your sourroundings while carrying information and graphics over what we are seeing,” pronounced Crider, who has been partial of a aircraft upkeep career margin given he assimilated a Air Force in 1991. He also worked as an IT programmer, implementing computerized radiography for 6 years between his time portion with a active member and when he assimilated a Tennessee Air National Guard in 1999.


With MOTAR, when a maintainer is behaving a task, they will save time from carrying to demeanour during manuals or a mechanism by carrying a information right in front of them while they are working.


While this seems like unconventional technology, Crider’s creation is formed on off-the-shelf, already commercially accessible sell systems such as a Microsoft HoloLens and a HTC View. By regulating what is already available, formation is cheaper and prolongation is faster. Interfacing existent protracted existence systems with interactive electronic technical primer information unveils a horde of new possibilities to maintainers, operators and trainees by enhancing ergonomics in a work environment.


“We’re not reinventing a wheel. We are relocating brazen with technologies we’re already regulating and that a maintainers are already informed with,” he said. “I have started to rise a discernible applications that will be used to move this from my prophesy to a reality.”


Crider can pronounce to a function of this record in his Air National Guard career margin since he has already conducted some explanation of judgment testing. He is also operative with a consultant in Silicon Valley to serve furnish MOTAR and get it into a hands of troops maintainers faster.


“I came adult with a initial judgment behind in a late 1990s,” he said. “I was really meddlesome in practical existence applications.”


After some technological advancements over a years, he was means to start building concepts and putting his ideas to work in 2010. He initial due a MOTAR judgment in 2011 and began presenting it for a C-17 upkeep village in 2012.


Due to strenuous support from his authority on his idea, he was means to continue to rise his judgment and use with an discernible product in his work area. He has also put it into a hands of his associate Airmen.


“Because of a visual and heard cues, there will be a reduced odds of missed steps,” pronounced Lt. Col. Johnny Howard, commander, 164th Maintenance Group. “It will severely raise aircraft complement troubleshooting procedures, and has a intensity to change a proceed we do business in aircraft maintenance.”


The complement keeps a user’s hands giveaway to perform their work. This is a outrageous enrichment for a reserve of crew not usually in maintenance, though in other career fields as well. Augmented existence systems revive willingness by improving goal safety, potency and capability opposite mixed weapons systems.


By superimposing mechanism graphics and technical information over a real-world, while still permitting a user to correlate with a universe around them, protracted existence provides discernible advantages to Airmen behaving technical tasks, creation a smoothness of technical information seamless and non-obtrusive. For example, by a use of overlaid graphics, content and video, maintainers can prominence dangerous areas to equivocate around aircraft.


“When coming a using engine, we can have a red line rotating around a engine, display we where a risk zones are,” pronounced Crider. “Or, when an aircraft is using radar, we could have a practical coordinate to keep people from erratic into an area that they’re not ostensible to ramble into.”


Secretary of a Air Force Heather Wilson initial announced a Air Force’s Spark Tank foe during a Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference on Sept. 18, 2017.


The foe was conducted in a multi-step proceed starting with participants submitting their thought by a website. Each vital authority comparison dual innovative ideas within their commands to contest during a domicile level.


When Wilson spoke during a 2017 Logistics Officer Association Symposium on Nov. 17, 2017, she said, “Logistics and upkeep win wars. What new collection will change a atmosphere dominance…ask yourself that and afterwards go out and build it.”


MOTAR is a solution. Augmented existence is a game-changing record that will have unconditional ramifications opposite a Air Force enterprise.


“This complement will speed adult training, urge upkeep quickness and urge operational reserve in a cost effective way, while restoring a willingness and modernizing a Air Force, no, ‘futurizing’ a Air Force,” pronounced Crider.


“The gait of change is accelerating and a Air Force knows a subsequent era of innovators are a ones who will take us into a future,” Wilson said. “I know a loyal source of a troops competence is not merely in a investments we make though in a bravery and skill of a people, and a innovative suggestion that has done a Armed Forces a enviousness of a world.”

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