Michael Brewer’s send ask denied by Texas Tech, QB responds

Michael Brewer wanted to send to Texas or TCU yet sitting out a year.  (USATSI)
Michael Brewer wanted to send to Texas or TCU yet sitting out a year. (USATSI)

For a second time this offseason, there is some play surrounding a Texas Tech quarterback seeking a transfer. On Thursday, a propagandize deserted Michael Brewer’s interest to send to Texas or TCU yet restriction. Brewer called a preference “disappointing” and proceeded to fact his frustrations with a Red Raiders in a review with with a Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

Brewer announced his intentions to leave a module final month. According to Texas Tech orator Blayne Beal, Brewer was limited from transferring to any Big 12 school. His appeal, that enclosed a enterprise to stay tighten to home and play in front of family, was unanimously deserted by a five-member row of a Texas Tech Athletics Council.

via a Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

“There were dual connoisseur programs — one during Texas, one during TCU — that best matched my future,” he said, “as distant as receiving a master’s grade goes. And we also felt like whenever we was finished personification football and finished with college that being in Austin with a connectors we have with my family and being in a Dallas-Fort Worth area with a connectors we have with my family adult there, that would be best matched for me as distant as removing a pursuit and all that.”

He combined that he wanted to stay tighten to home to be means to play in front of his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

“By them denying me a right to play anywhere in a state of Texas or in a Big 12, my family can’t unequivocally come watch me play and be concerned in a final dual years of my college experience, that is disappointing,” he said.

Brewer combined that he was not happy with Thursday’s record during that both Brewer and Kingsbury were postulated vocalization time.

Brewer believes that a Texas Tech medical staff “misdiagnosed” his behind damage in Jun 2013, causing him to tumble behind in a quarterback foe with Davis Webb and Baker Mayfield (who also left a program). He also cited communication issues with a coaching staff during a deteriorate as reasons for his transfer.

Baker Mayfield faced identical hurdles in his send to Oklahoma, yet Brewer is not peaceful to lay out a year to send to a Big 12 school. With his undergraduate grade completed, Brewer will be means to play immediately and have dual years of eligibility remaining.

Brewer pronounced he skeleton to revisit an ACC propagandize in dual weeks and an SEC propagandize after that. Clemson descent coordinator Chad Morris was Brewer’s manager during Lake Travis High School, yet that will not be a quarterback’s initial revisit — yet Brewer did contend that Clemson was “is an option.”

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