Midas Mount Announces Big Year-End Sale

Midas Mount today announced steep discounts up to $300 on their line of camera support products for independent filmmakers including the SkaterailSlider Camera Slider, the HitchHiker Shoulder Support Rig and the SnapFocus Follow Focus System, a revolutionary technology which gives filmmakers true grip-level focus control for DSLR, RED, BMCC or any fixed-lens camera—in a beautiful all-new design of CNC machined, bead-blasted, laser-engraved anodized aluminum. The SkaterailSlider Camera Slider System, SnapFocus Follow Focus System and HitchHiker Shoulder Support products have been discounted as much as $100 and the complete SnapFocus rig (SnapFocus Follow Focus System and HitchHiker Shoulder Rig) is available at $300 off for the low price of $999. The deals can only be found at www.MidasMount.com.

“The SnapFocus is an intuitive way for humans to interact with cameras,” said Brandon David Cole, a feature filmmaker and ex-professional BMX rider who married his passion for filmmaking and knowledge of bicycle mechanics when he devised a way to actuate focus with brake levers with the help of his neighbor Harry Gramig, a retired inventor and machinist.

The SnapFocus Follow Focus System consists of a set of brake levers and brake cables that allow filmmakers to control focus at the grip level of a handheld camera support rig without using a focus pulling assistant or losing camera stability.

“The SnapFocus technology sets a new standard for motion picture image capture,” said Cole, Midas Mount’s co-founder and co-inventor of the SnapFocus Technology. “It’s a breakthrough idea that will empower filmmakers with the ability to pull off Hollywood cinematography as a one-man-band indie filmmaker.”

See a demo video of the SnapFocus at: https://vimeo.com/82151942

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