Moët Goes High-Tech and the Marketing Director Weighs In

Over a holidays, Moët Hennessy USA popped a cork to toast a launch of a array of digital campaigns that put a complicated spin on a classical French champagne brand.
A two-player Snapchat game, a crowd-sourced Instagram knowledge and voice-activated content were all in a brew to strech a younger era of imbibers.

Christine Ngo
Christine Ngo

Moët Chandon’s selling executive and conduct of U.S. consumer engagement, Christine Ngo, was behind a plan to exercise this new form of promotion for a holidays. She talks with CM about a stress of consumer-driven promotion and crowd-sourcing content, and how this new form of creation initial came together.

CHIEF MARKETER: What criteria do we use to establish that amicable channels to use?
CHRISTINE NGO: Social media is a board for storytelling, so we demeanour during both what story we wish to tell and where a aim audiences spend a infancy of their time online to establish that amicable media channels to use

CM: Does a debate thought come initial or a amicable platform?
CN: The thought to commission a fans to co-create calm with us came first. When meditative about where to govern this program, we felt that Instagram’s new polling facilities on Stories would be a ideal fit.

CM: How has a demographic we are targeting changed?
CN: Our aim demographic is comparison Millennials who use amicable media to demonstrate themselves and promulgate with their friends. Although a aim spends a poignant apportionment of their time online, we don’t trust in genuine time—and infrequently invasive—marketing, we trust in right time marketing.

CM: Why did Moët select to exercise this new form of promotion for a holidays?
CN: This holiday season, we partnered with 20th Century Fox’s The Greatest Showman to commission fans to be The Greatest Entertainer, desirous by a loftiness of a film and Moët’s storied story in entertaining. We felt like a best approach of lenient a fans was to palm them a keys and have them actively co-create interesting tips with us. The holiday deteriorate is always one of a many jam-packed durations for advertising—we knew we had to go over immobile content.

CM: What is a stress of consumer-driven promotion and crowd-sourcing content?
CN: Millennial consumers adore to have a voice. Crowd-sourcing calm gives them this voice and involves them via a artistic routine with a brand, directly.

CM: How many calm did we emanate for a Instagram experience?
CN: We combined dual Instagram stories for a crowd-sourced knowledge to assistance consumers be a biggest entertainers over a holiday season. One of these stories was live on Dec. 4 and featured calm surrounding a cocktail. One also went live toward a finish of Dec surrounding New Years Eve. Each story has 5 to 6 video segments and any shred facilities a check doubt for consumers to answer directly.

CM: How did we marketplace a diversion and crowd-sourced experience?
CN: We co-marketed a crowd-sourced knowledge with Tasting Table alongside interesting consultant Athena Calderone and mixologist Elliott Clark. Moët was also vehement to announce their partnership with 20th Century Fox’s many buzzed about holiday blockbuster, The Greatest Showman. The film will showcase selected bottles of Moët Chandon champagne via a movie, highlighting Moët—The Greatest Entertainer—alongside P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman. Our partnership with Tasting Table helped a consumers be a biggest entertainers this holiday season. Each week we crowd-sourced a calm to afterwards emanate a final calm pieces.

CM: In general, is amicable media a some-more critical partial of a selling brew during Moët?
CN: Yes, as amicable media is a core partial of a target’s lives and is a abounding board for storytelling.

CM: Are we fixation reduction focus/dollars on other areas of selling to concentration some-more on social/digital?
CN: Not always, as we trust in integrated marketing. We demeanour during all selling platforms to establish how to best tell a Moët story. We also don’t trust in amplifying each height or usually regulating one.

CM: How many Snapchat and Instagram supporters does Moët have and how did we build those audiences?
CN: Moët has 100,000 US Instagram followers. We do not have a Snapchat account. We built a Instagram assembly organically, essentially by partnerships with influencers, digital publishers, experiential selling and always-on content.

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