Myriad Devices Announces Company Name

January 10th, 2014 ­­ Fargo, ND ­­ Myriad Devices announces its name change to Myriad Mobile to more closely resemble its core competency in mobile technology, and has recently opened an office in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Atlanta, Georgia. As North Dakota’s largest custom mobile development company, the name change and expansion is a statement on the company’s planned growth for 2014. The name change has been planned for nearly a year. “When we first started in 2010, the majority of our work was with hardware,” said Jake Joraanstad, CEO of Myriad Mobile. “After we dove into mobile development, we knew there was no going back. This name change better reflects the work we do and who we are.” With the new location in the Twin Cities and plans for Chicago and Kansas City, Myriad Mobile is able to work with large metro areas directly. “My main goal is to drive business and build a team,” said Matt Pacyga, VP of Business Development in Minneapolis. “The opportunity for mobile as an industry in the twin cities alone is enormous, let alone the region and beyond.” Corporate website and emails will change from from to, and all other related Myriad Devices’ communications will be forwarded allowing apporopriate transition. The name change is effective immediately. Myriad Mobile specializes in mobile app development, design, consulting, and integration to provide enterprise grade solutions to businesses, startups, and individuals.  Based out of Fargo, ND, Myriad Mobile has garnered national acclaim and has received multiple awards for design and function.  With hundreds of thousands of downloads in over 15 countries, Myriad Mobile has been the destination for businesses looking for the best solutions in mobile technology.

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