.net Domains Registrations Now For Just $1

Verisign has announced that it has just passed over 15 million domain registrations this month. Hosting And Designs L.L.C. is celebrating this milestone by offering $1 .net domain names (for one year) with any dedicated server or Virtual Private Server for a limited time. If you already have a .com domain it is a good idea to protect your valued domain by making sure you have the important .net domain too. A second TLD can also be used as a different part of your business such as a blog, customer service, general information or simply as “on hold” for future expansion.

The first domain name to ever exist was actually a .net domain; Nordu.net and not the famous Symbolics.com. However, Symbolics was the fist to complete the full registration process.

The .net zone has doubled in size since just 2006 and there are roughly 10 times more .net domains than there were in 2000. A trend of registering domain names associated with social media is also continuing to grow, most notably on Facebook growing at a respectable 23% since March 2012. .net domains are hosted in more than 200 countries around the world prooving to be clearly a globally recognized domain name extension. Supporting this fact, .net domains can be registered in over 300 different languages by enabling domain names to be registered in non-ASCII characters. Nearly 50% of .net domains registered in India have some sort of eCommerce features associated with it.*

To order a .net domain for $1, just place an order (http://www.hostinganddesigns.com/HD/vps-hosting/) for any VPS plan or dedicated server and we will make sure you receive the .net domain name that you want if it is available. Please note, you can choose a .com domain name instead of a .net domain.

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