New central leads record beginning in West Contra Costa schools

RICHMOND — Chief Technology Officer Mary Phillips assimilated a West Contra Costa propagandize district final summer with one of a many critical mandates confronting schools nationwide: Improve preparation by bringing students and teachers adult to date in training technology.

The module started this tumble with a district investing $2.1 million in bond income from Measure E, upheld by electorate in 2012, to yield district teachers who don’t have them with laptop computers, request cameras and LCD projectors for displaying video, images or mechanism information on a screen. The module will be finished in January.

The district also will be upgrading 12 schools that don’t have wireless record and is anticipating to sinecure some-more technicians to keep a whole complement running.

“All sites will be adult to speed by Apr with high-speed bandwidth and high-speed wireless,” Phillips said. “Getting a infrastructure upgraded is hugely critical since all else rests on it.”

West Contra Costa eventually skeleton to discharge textbooks by providing any tyro with a inscription mechanism to use in category and for homework. It also will assistance yield any tyro with an Internet tie if they don’t have one so they can use a inscription during home.

Each tablet, blending for educational rather than consumer uses, will cost between $350 and $600, depending on that code is chosen, with “a lot of leasing options,” Phillips said.

“All students will have equal entrance to technology, on or off campus, regardless of socio-economic status,” she said.

Many questions need to be answered, including how to compensate for providing thousands of homes with Internet connectors and how to keep lane of a thousands of inscription computers that will be distributed to students and reinstate a ones that are shop-worn or lost.

“My best resolution is to have an word process in place for event and deputy and to emanate a devise that solves this emanate for a prolonged run,” she said.

Other goals embody building a complement to assistance teachers weigh any students’ opening in a timely approach to establish where they need help. This beginning is in fixing with a new Common Core Standards being introduced nationwide.

“Since we are regulating bond income to compensate for hardware and infrastructure, we can use a Common Core income on veteran development,” Phillips said.

Although West Contra Costa is forward of a bend in a classroom record program, Phillips pronounced she and other district officials are examination those on a slicing edge, such as Los Angeles Unified, to learn from their successes and failures.

“People have been doubt regulating income from long-term holds to buy inclination with shorter life spans,” pronounced propagandize house member Todd Groves, a member of a district’s record committee. “We’re going to have to consider this out and get lots of information before creation any extensive decisions.”

Phillips’ credentials goes behind to a introduction of a personal computer, and her former positions have been in and around Silicon Valley.

She was a arithmetic clergyman with a Monterey Peninsula propagandize district in a early ’80s when she had a event to use a set of Apple IIe computers in her classroom.

“I schooled from my students who were building networks and pathways,” Phillips, 58, said. “I began to know a absolute impact that record could have on tyro learning.”

After apropos Monterey Peninsula’s executive of technology, she served in a same purpose for 6 years for a Santa Clara Unified School District in Silicon Valley, before relocating on to West Contra Costa.

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