Next male up: How has Virginia Tech fared during replacing NFL Draft early entrants over a years?

The Edmunds brothers are off to a NFL. So is Tim Settle. That competence or competence not be a finish of a early entrees. Virginia Tech fans have nonetheless to hear definitively from cornerback Adonis Alexander what his skeleton are for subsequent season.

That’s a sincerely poignant series of vital defensive contributors who will be withdrawal with eligibility left, rivaling a descent exodus from final year.

That competence usually be a trend these days. There are 85 early entries to a NFL this year as we post this, with 4 some-more days for underclassmen to declare. A sum of 104 players went early final year after 96 did so in 2016 and 74 did in 2015, so that series keeps going up, up, up.

So a Hokies aren’t a usually group that’ll be reloading in some astonishing spots subsequent year. In fact, dual of Tech’s marquee opponents subsequent season, Florida State and Notre Dame, have mislaid 4 and 3 players early to a breeze as well.

Someone’s going to have to step adult into place for Virginia Tech. we suspicion currently competence be a good time to take a demeanour historically during how many prolongation a Hokies have mislaid to early entries over a years and how they’ve finished replacing them.

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2000 draft

Early entries: CB Ike Charlton, RB Shyrone Stith

Production lost: Charlton was a two-year starter who had 8 career picks, with one his youth deteriorate to go with 51 tackles and 6 passes defended. Stith ran for 2,294 yards in his career, with 1,119 yards and 13 touchdowns on a 1999 Tech group that went to a inhabitant pretension game.

The replacements: CB Larry Austin, CB Eric Green, CB Billy Hardee, RB Lee Suggs

How’d a deteriorate go? Tech didn’t have a singular actor to reinstate Charlton during range corner. Austin started a year yet suffered a knee damage in Week 4 that’d keep him out scarcely a rest of a season. Green, who was afterwards a redshirt freshman, stepped in and had 4 picks. Hardee started a final 3 games. All Suggs did in 2000 was run for 1,207 yards and an infinite 27 touchdowns. Tech still went 11-1 and finished No. 6 nationally, with Michael Vick‘s ankle damage usually before to a Miami diversion maybe costing a Hokies during another shot during a inhabitant pretension run.

Next male adult grade: A-minus

2001 draft

Early entries: QB Michael Vick

Production lost: Only a preeminent actor of the Frank Beamer era, a dual-threat quarterback who redefined how a position was played and carried a module to a biggest heights. Other than that … Seriously, though, Vick was always distant some-more impactful than his numbers. In dual years, he threw for 3,074 yards and 20 touchdowns and ran for 1,202 and 16 touchdowns. Those numbers demeanour old-fashioned now. Heck, Lamar Jackson did that in a singular deteriorate … twice.

The replacement: QB Grant Noel

How’d a deteriorate go? There is no some-more unenviable charge than following adult a fable utterly like Vick, and Noel was a guy. He had an OK season, throwing for 1,826 yards and 16 touchdowns with 11 picks, yet he didn’t have that game-changing ability that Vick did. Few ever did. The Hokies went 8-4, yet they forsaken from 20th nationally in sum offense (426 ypg) to 66th (374 ypg), as you’d expect.

Next male adult grade: C

2004 draft

Early entries: CB DeAngelo Hall, RB Kevin Jones

Production lost: It’s not mostly that we remove dual first-rounders in a same year. Hall was one of a best, if not a best, defensive behind in Hokies history, an all-around actor who scored 8 non-offensive touchdowns and had 93 tackles and an interception his youth year. He also returned 3 punts for touchdowns. Jones was on his approach to being a school’s all-time heading rusher if he’d stranded around, carrying run for 3,475 yards in his career. That enclosed a 1,647-yard, 21-touchdown bid in 2003.

The replacements: CB Jimmy Williams, RB Mike Imoh, RB Cedric Humes, PR Eddie Royal

How’d a deteriorate go? The Hokies found Hall’s deputy during range dilemma on a starting defense, shifting Williams over from giveaway safety. Williams, who was entrance off a 114-tackle season, did good during cornerback, removing 5 picks. He’d go on to be a unanimous All-American in 2005. No singular behind transposed Jones, yet a Hokies did a good pursuit of stuffing that production. Imoh and Humes total for 1,325 yards and 11 touchdowns, with quarterback Bryan Randall taking on a large partial of a using diversion as well. Royal stepped in as a punt returner and normal 11 yards per return, yet he didn’t have any touchdowns. As a team, Tech went from 8-5 to 10-3 and ACC champions, creation a Sugar Bowl.

Next male adult grade: B-plus

2008 draft

Early entries: CB Brandon Flowers

Production lost: He was a two-time All-American — Tech’s initial since Corey Moore — who had 10 career interceptions, including 5 in 2007, when he was a first-team All-American collect by a American Football Coaches Association. He too has a plain explain of being a best defensive behind in Virginia Tech history.

The replacements: CB Macho Harris, CB Stephan Virgil

How’d a deteriorate go? Harris slid over from his starting margin dilemma symbol to a boundary, with Virgil relocating adult to a starting lineup during margin corner. Harris had 6 picks in 2008, earning first-team All-ACC honors. Virgil also had 6 interceptions. The Hokies had 20 that year, tied for eighth nationally. Their pass invulnerability was 16th nationally, permitting 175 yards per game. That was indeed an alleviation over 2007.

Next male adult grade: A

2010 draft

Early entries: DE Jason Worilds

Production lost: A two-time second-team All-ACC pick, Worilds’ numbers dipped a small in his final season. He had 18.5 tackles for a detriment and 8 sacks in 2006, with 11 and 4.5 in 2007. Still, he had 132 tackles, 34 tackles for a detriment and 15 sacks in his career.

The replacement: DE Steven Friday

How’d a deteriorate go? Friday hadn’t started a diversion in his initial 3 years during Tech, yet he put adult Worilds-like numbers in his one year in a spotlight, finishing with 66 tackles, 15 tackles for a detriment and a team-high 8.5 sacks in 2010. He was a second-team All-ACC pick. Tech’s invulnerability as a whole took a step behind this year, descending from 12th nationally to 52nd, yet that was a byproduct of a whole horde of waste on a defensive side of a ball, not Friday’s play.

Next male adult grade: A

2011 draft

Early entries: RB Ryan Williams, RB Darren Evans

Production lost: Both had starred during several points of their injury-riddled careers. Evans ran for 1,265 yards and 17 touchdowns in 2008. Williams ran for a then-school record 1,655 yards and 21 touchdowns in 2009. They common a bucket in 2010, with Evans using for 854 yards and 11 touchdowns and Williams battling injuries while using for 477 yards and 9 scores.

The replacement: RB David Wilson

How’d a deteriorate go? The acrobatic behind had been watchful for his impulse to shine, and man, did he ever in 2011, violation Williams’ single-season rushing symbol by finishing with 1,709 yards and 9 touchdowns as a Hokies went 11-3 and done it to a Sugar Bowl.

Next male adult grade: A

2012 draft

Early entries: RB David Wilson, CB Jayron Hosley

Production lost: I usually mentioned Wilson’s 2011 production, yet he had 2,662 yards and 18 touchdowns in his career, in further to being a standout flog returner, where he had dual touchdowns. Hosley had set Tech’s single-season interception symbol with 9 in an All-American deteriorate in 2010 before battling by some whinging injuries in 2011, when he still started each diversion and finished with 59 tackles and 3 picks.

The replacements: RB J.C. Coleman, RB Tony Gregory, RB Michael Holmes, RB Martin Scales, CB Antone Exum

How’d a deteriorate go? Umm … not so great. Wilson’s depart was a sudden finish to a Hokies’ using behind dominance. A four-headed beast of Coleman, Gregory, Holmes and Scales couldn’t find many consistency. Coleman, a loyal freshman, had a outrageous diversion opposite Duke, yet that was about it. Holmes never panned out on a margin and was even worse off it. Quarterback Logan Thomas ended adult heading a group in rushing that year. Exum changed over from rover, starting his army as a cornerback. He had 48 tackles and a team-high 5 picks, earning second-team All-ACC honors in his final truly healthy deteriorate during Tech.

Next male adult grade: D-plus. An F for a using backs and a B-plus for Exum.

2016 draft

Early entries: CB Kendall Fuller

Production lost: Fuller was an All-American defensive back, yet not his final deteriorate during Tech in 2015, that was cut brief by a knee damage that singular him to usually 3 games. In that sense, a Hokies had already transposed him by a time 2016 rolled around, given they had a full deteriorate with cornerbacks personification in his place. 

The replacement: CB Greg Stroman, CB Brandon Facyson, CB Adonis Alexander

How’d a deteriorate go? There wasn’t as transparent of a loyal deputy for Fuller, who was a range dilemma when he played. Tech started switching things adult so that a corners usually play a left and right side of a field, regardless of it’s a range or a field. If we wish to demeanour during who stepped adult his diversion a most, it’s substantially Stroman, who had his struggles in pass coverage progressing in his career yet incited himself into an All-ACC dilemma in 2016 and ’17. Alexander done a seamless switch to dilemma from reserve and Facyson had one of his initial injury-free seasons. 

Next male adult grade: N/A. The Fuller damage early in 2015 doesn’t unequivocally concede this to fit this sold exercise.

2017 draft

Early entries: WR Isaiah Ford, TE/WR Bucky Hodges, QB Jerod Evans

Production lost: Oh, usually a school’s all-time heading receiver, a 6-foot-7 parsimonious end/receiver who held 20 career touchdown passes and a quarterback who in his one year in Blacksburg pennyless about each single-season record a propagandize had. 

The replacements: WR Cam Phillips, WR Sean Savoy, WR Eric Kumah, QB Josh Jackson

How’d a deteriorate go? Hodges played receiver his one year underneath Fuente, so it was fundamentally usually a matter of anticipating adequate receivers to try to reinstate that production. Phillips some-more than stepped adult as a go-to receiver in place of Ford, scarcely removing to a 1,000-yard symbol after a sports hernia damage cut brief this deteriorate before a bowl. It was a churned bag for a other receivers. Savoy and Kumah showed signs during times during a season, yet they also looked like first-time contributors during others. They total for 798 yards and 8 touchdowns. That’s a small bit improved than Hodges’ numbers in 2016. Jackson threw for scarcely 3,000 yards, with 20 touchdowns and 9 picks in a redshirt beginner season. He wasn’t a curtain that Evans was yet still had 6 touchdowns. Overall, though, it was a rebuilding year for a Hokies’ offense, that saw a scoring normal dump from 35 points per diversion to 28.2.

Next male adult grade: C-plus

2018 breeze (so far)

Early entries: DT Tim Settle, LB Temaine Edmunds, FS Terrell Edmunds

Production lost: That’s 3 All-ACC picks — a second, initial and third, a approach they’re listed above — with Tremaine being an All-America collect this year. Settle had 12.5 tackles for a detriment and 4 sacks in his initial year as a starter. Tremaine had 109 tackles, 14 tackles for a detriment and 5.5 sacks, and Terrell had 59 tackles and dual picks in an injury-shortened season. 

The replacements: DT Jarrod Hewitt, DL Vinny Mihota (maybe), TBD during LB, FS Divine Deablo, FS Khalil Ladler

How will a deteriorate go? That’s a lot to replace, though, outward of linebacker, Tech got a lot of guys snaps this past offseason. There’s substantially a slightest regard during safety, where Deablo was violation out before he pennyless his foot, Ladler stepped adult and played good late in a year and Devon Hunter might even get into a mix. Hewitt emerged as a plain No. 3 tackle final year, yet there are substantially a horde of youngsters fervent to get their shot. Mihota’s calendar entrance behind from a knee damage isn’t clear, yet a coaches have favourite him on a inside and this damage competence usually be a reason to make it a full-time thing. Backer is a outrageous doubt mark, given Edmunds’ backup (who frequency played final year) was Anthony Shegog, who graduated. We’ll see how Bud Foster‘s subsequent call of linebackers shakes out. Rising sophomore Dylan Rivers should be in a mix. Right now, it’s not utterly transparent what linebacker spot Rico Kearney, Jaylen Griffin and early enrollee Alan Tisdale will work during this spring. Another freshman, Keshon Artis, could work his approach into a brew once he arrives in a summer.

Next male adult grade: TBD

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