Odoyo Introduces Battery Case For Iphone 5c

ODOYO USA (http://www.odoyousa.com/) just announced at CES 2014 in Las Vegas that it will introduce the only battery case on the market for iPhone 5c early this year. The new battery case is the latest product offering in a line of high capacity battery cases for the iPhone designed and manufactured by ODOYO USA. The announcement demonstrates ODOYO USA’s commitment to remain a leader in the Apple device accessory market.

“We saw an opportunity to give users a battery case option for a device that many manufacturers overlooked,” said Paul Chen, Director of Sales for ODOYO USA.  “Our colorful battery cases for iPhone 5c provide users with the same quality and benefits of the Power+Shell EX we made for the iPhone 5 and 5s.”

Among its numerous distinguishing features, the battery case offers a large 2200 mAh battery capacity and will come in 5 colors that will perfectly match the colors of the iPhone 5c. Users can now enjoy more than double their battery life while maintaining the fun, vibrant colors that make the iPhone 5c so appealing.

The Power+Shell EX for iPhone 5c allows users to reap all the benefits of a battery case without compromising the sleek and colorful design of the iPhone 5c.

Odoyo USA Power+Shell EX for iPhone 5c Key Features

·         Designed for iPhone 5c

·         More than doubles iPhone 5c battery life

·         Apple iPhone certified (MFi)

·         iTunes sync capability

·         Convenient kickstand for hands free viewing

·         LED charge light indicator

·         Extremely lightweight and ultra-thin

·         Low profile design

·         Quick charge technology delivers power rapidly

·         Competitively priced at $79Offered in White, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow


ODOYO USA is a leading accessory manufacturer for Apple and Android devices. With pinpoint focus on form and function, ODOYO USA’s execution delivers high quality products enhancing a user’s device and complements their lifestyle. Visit www.odoyousa.com.

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