Old Tiger Stadium bleachers find new use as footstools

Career Technical Education students during Washington High School are transforming collection of aged football bleachers from Paul Brown Tiger Stadium into mementos for sale.

MASSILLON While examination construction workers demo deteriorating bleachers a few weeks ago inside Paul Brown Tiger Stadium, some students began production with an idea.

The idea sprouted into action, and now a students in a Career Technical Education module during Washington High School have their hands on a plan that includes operative with some element from yesteryear.

Parts of wooden bleachers with fiberglass tops used to fill Tiger track decades ago were private and are built in construction trade classroom space.

Removal of a aged bleachers is partial of a $2.8 million plan to reconstruct Tiger stadium. The fiberglass seats before trustworthy to a aged wooden sections are being repurposed.

Students in a trades module are operative over a subsequent few weeks to furnish footstools, embellished out with possibly Tiger black or orange tops strange to a track given a mid-1960s.

“You don’t always need new to emanate something cool,” pronounced Tony Thornsberry, principal of a school’s career tech education.

“No dual pieces will be a same,” Thornsberry continued. “They’ll have opposite chair numbers, and a condition of orange and black paint (will vary).”

Up to 100 selected looking stools with track bleacher tops should be accessible for sale subsequent month around massillonschools.org — a propagandize district’s website. Proceeds will advantage a construction trades program.

Cost of a stools has not nonetheless been determined, pronounced instructor Jason Werstler.

The stools being built are a initial regulating football bleachers as a product material, Werstler said.

Nevan Kyles, a Washington High School senior, gave a plan a thumbs-up, and pronounced he enjoys operative with his hands and regulating machine in a class.

2019 chronicle returns

A opposite accumulation of footstools was designed and sole final year featuring wooden table-like tops not strange to a stadium. Those highlighted a “Obie” Tiger logo.

Students from Mark Kircher’s production engineering category assisted construction trades pupils with those stools as a corner effort, Werstler said. About 50 are being constructed and sole this year, too.

High propagandize comparison Jaiden Mitchell designed a wooden Tiger-logo tip that includes a “City of Champions” inscription. She pronounced she enjoys a artistic work offering in a engineering category and skeleton to serve her studies in college.

Creating something uninformed or new any year is prolific for a career tech students, Werstler added.

“The indicate is they learn a whole garland of tools,” he said, indicating out a scale saws, jigsaws, anathema saws and drills.

Added Thornsberry, “(The bleachers) are partial of a (school) story and heritage, and a approach for a kids to spin rejected element into an opportunity.”

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