Power Blast Marketing for Non Savvy Business Owners

Web Design Company, Suner and Garcia has fusion existing technologies into developing its own middleware that allows small business propagate their marketing via Social Media, SMS Messages, Emails and posting it on their website at the same time.

Suner and Garcia, a company founded this year 2013 by Abraham Garcia a graduate from San Diego State University and Omar Suner, Web Design Gurus started a small business focusing on developing solutions for the Small Business Community. Many small businesses spend several thousands of dollars and countless hours to propagate their marketing for their loyal consumers. Based on their experience they took a straight approach building online tools that will help most Non-Computer Experts updating their website and capture current and potential customers information and to also propagate their promotional campaigns from a single source. They call it “Power Blast™“.

Their initial website system consists in a user friendly online management that allows updating their website content without code, or features that could potentially confuse the user, and even facilitating it to manage it from most smart phones. The Power Blast feature allows the business user to choose how to propagate their campaign to existing members, by choosing some or all features, Social Media (ex. Facebook™, twitter™) including promos via email, text messages simultaneously by completing it only once.

The same application offers an additional feature that allows the business to collect information from customers by a registration app for Android™ tablet or iPad™ that connects simultaneously to their small business customer database.

Suner and Garcia Team are currently working in several beta revisions that include management for businesses that operate more than one location.

For information about the program, please visit http://www.sunerandgarcia.com

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One thought on “Power Blast Marketing for Non Savvy Business Owners

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