Prince of Wales and a Duchess of Cornwall in helicopter drama

Duchess of Cornwall during Hay-on-WyeThe Duchess of Cornwall and a Prince of Wales arrived 3 hours late during Hay-on-Wye

A helicopter carrying a Prince of Wales and a Duchess of Cornwall was forced to make an puncture alighting in Buckinghamshire, atmosphere collision investigators have revealed.

An Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) news pronounced a Sikorsky S-76C was flitting Denham Aerodrome on a approach to Wales final May when it started veering to one side.

The commander managed to land safely.

The integrate done it to their end by car, 3 hours behind schedule.

Emergency declared

The stately integrate and 4 other passengers were travelling to a Hay-on-Wye Festival on 23 May when, during 09:30 BST, a news pronounced a 53-year-old commander beheld a aircraft to be “out of balance”.

Various attempts to scold a problem had no outcome so he announced a Pan emergency, a reduction critical stipulation than a Mayday.

On a day of a incident, a stately orator pronounced that the helicopter had “diverted” to Denham due to a technical fault.

Investigators pronounced a problem was caused by a bursting of a steel round that caused an inner steam of hydraulic vigour in a helicopter’s bend control system.

The AAIB news pronounced a round was “most expected to have fractured during a moody from London to Denham”.

Tests are still being carried out though a means of a separate was expected to have been due to an “anomaly” during a production process.

‘Aircraft close down’

“The organisation achieved an uneventful using alighting and ground-taxied to dispersion with a bend control monstrosity still apparent,” a news continued.

“The aircraft was close down and a organisation and passengers vacated a aircraft.”

The news pronounced a Pedal Damper Trim Actutator (PDTA) – a partial in that a round had separate – had given been transposed and a helicopter had subsequently “flown but serve incident”.

The AAIB pronounced Sikorsky was in a routine of arising a reserve advisory and a moody primer rider “to surprise operators of a symptoms of a PDTA error and actions to be taken by a crew”.

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