Prison use to rise primer for customary operation

Controller General, Nigerian Prison Service, Alhaji Jafaru Ahmad on Tuesday suggested that a jail use will partner International Committee of a Red Cross (ICRC) to develop works and logistics primer for customary operations for a growth of prisons. 

The Controller General who was represented by Assistant Controller General Musa Mayaki during a opening rite of a five-day seminar in Kano organized for works officers and technical crew of a use from North-West settled that a partnership has been in existence for over 4 years following a Executive capitulation by Mr. President for ICRC to revisit all prisons and apprehension centres in Nigeria in a understanding atmosphere.

He combined that several trainings have so distant been carried-out in Abuja for tip technical officers.

He serve remarkable that during a finish of a seminar works officers from a comparison participating states would be means to know a simple communication standard, procedural stairs and costing skills for works and maintenance.

In his residence deputy of ICRC Ibrahim Aliyu settled that, a partnership will concede for sell of ideas in improving assistance to a apprehension use by a sustenance of developmental skills and providing other needs in honour to H2O and sanitation.

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