Public schools: Application for special programs starts Wednesday

In 3 days, a Pinellas County propagandize complement will start usurpation applications for special programs for a 2014-15 educational year. The offerings embody magnet, elemental and high propagandize career programs. The district refers to these as “application programs.”

This deadline does not request to those who devise to attend their unchanging zoned propagandize subsequent year. Students already purebred with a district automatically accept notices about zoned propagandize assignments. New zoned propagandize students, including incoming kindergarten students, can register this spring.

For some-more information about focus programs, deliberate this beam or go to and download a duplicate of a District Application Programs Guide for 2014-15.

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Before we go online to apply

• Have or get a User ID and password. If we unnoticed yours or don’t have them yet, we can get them during any circuitously propagandize with a print ID. Only one User ID and cue are indispensable per family.

Apply online between Wednesday and Jan. 17

• Go to and record on to a Student Reservation System, famous as SRS, regulating your User ID and password.

• Choose adult to 5 programs and arrange them in sequence of preference. You can do this any time during a focus period; your contingency are not influenced either we go early or later.

• All high propagandize magnet programs — and some center propagandize magnet programs — have opening criteria. (See a District Application Programs Guide during for details.) Deliver all support of eligibility by a tighten of a propagandize day on Jan. 17.

Check status/accept invitation

• Log on to a Student Reservation System (SRS) between Feb. 6-13 to accept one module invitation. If we get an invitation and do not accept during this time, your focus becomes invalid.

• Once a program’s invitation is accepted, a student’s name will be private from all other lists (except a Center for Gifted Studies).

• Families can change their welfare before Feb. 13.

• You don’t need to accept watchful list spots.

Avoid these mistakes

• Every year, some families request for a module though destroy to check after to see if they’ve been invited to one. Or they check behind though destroy to accept a invitation. It’s a two-step routine — apply, afterwards accept.

• Students in “feeder” schools get elite care to attend a propagandize during a subsequent turn — such as a elemental facile tyro requesting to get into a elemental center school. But a welfare is not automatic. You still have to apply.

• Hundreds of students request to programs for that they are not eligible. Check initial to see if you’re eligible. A call to a propagandize will give we a answer.

Get answers

Applying for a special module can get tricky. How does a lottery work? What are a manners if my child lands on a watchful list? The district lays it all out in a primer called Procedures for District Application Programs. To find it, revisit In a center of a home page, underneath a streamer “Latest News,” click on “Explore magnet, fundamental, and career-focused District Application Programs.” On a subsequent page, click on a couple for “District Application Programs Website.” On a subsequent page, nearby a bottom, click on a pretension of a manual.

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