Punch Bowl Social to Bring Virtual Reality Games to Chicago in March

After a delay, Punch Bowl Social has an opening date for a initial Chicago location. Already open given 2015 in suburban Schaumburg, Punch Bowl will now open on Mar 10 during 310 N. Green Street — a space once ticketed for Brooklyn Bowl. While Punch Bowl won’t horde live song like Brooklyn Bowl would have, a two-floor and 30,000-square-foot space facilities food, booze, selected arcade games, Skee-ball, and more.

Private karaoke rooms, a bocce court, bowling, and TVs for sports are also present, according to a news release. The space also includes practical existence gaming. Punch Bowl didn’t fact what titles or how a tech would be implemented. Drinks will come from a “custom-designed 360-degree bar.” It’s misleading if that’s only selling lingo or something that will indeed wow customers. The initial building will underline a selected laundromat-inspired pattern including vinyl building tiles. They’ll used community tables done from repurposed washing carts.

Punch Bowl Social serves punch.


The food in Fulton Market, like during Punch Bowl’s 11 other locations, comes from a menu grown by luminary cook Hugh Acheson. Playful pub favorites embody lobster bacon fries, roasted cauliflower nachos, gorilla bread French toast, and more.

Punch Bowl will be open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Stay tuned for some-more information as Punch Bowl will be open in time for Mar Madness.

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