Rare Apple Sneakers Just Sold for Nearly $10,000

Every now and then, a span of rare Apple Computer sneakers creates a approach onto a auction block, and when it does appear, tech and shoes fans comparison are peaceful to plate out large sums of money to acquire a selected shoes—including some that just sold for roughly $10,000 yesterday.

The selected Apple sneakers were listed on Heritage Auctions for a used span in a size 9 1/2 that sole for $9,687.50. According to a listing, a shoe was done by Apple in a early 1990s and was usually given out to their employees, creation this one of a some-more problematic sneakers in existence. 

It’s value observant that a code new version of a same Apple sneakers was also listed on Heritage Auctions behind in Jun 2017 with a starting bid priced during $15,000, though it eventually was not sold. Meanwhile, a different indication of Apple sneakers was sole in used condition after that year for over $10,000.

Apple Sneaker Front

Image around Heritage Auctions


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