Robots Could Replace 48000 Employees At This Bank…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

A perspective of a domicile of German bank Deutsche Bank in London on May 5, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Justin TALLIS (Photo credit should review JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Here are 5 things in record that happened this past week and how they impact your business. Did we skip them?

1 — Deutsche Bank CEO suggests robots could reinstate half a company’s 97,000 employees.

The CEO of Deutsche Bank says record will lead to poignant layoffs during his classification in a not-too-distant future. To date, 4,000 jobs have been cut of a 9,000 a bank announced in late 2015 were threatened as partial of a 5-year plan. According to a CEO, record will concede Deutsche to cut thousands some-more jobs, and he believes whole industries will be means to reinstate workers with robots. (Source: CNBC)

Why this is critical for your business:

When large association CEOs are plainly articulate about robots replacing their employees afterwards a essay is on a wall.  Smart business owners are already investing in record to revoke a beyond compared with their employees and that will boost over time.

2 — This phishing conflict pretends to come from someone we trust.

A new amicable engineering and phishing debate tries to pretence victims into downloading credential-stealing malware and other threats. It uses check impersonation attacks to convince victims that a messages are from devoted sources, planting a thought that a aim has mislaid money. (Source: ZDNet)

Why this is critical for your business:

Make your employees aware.

3 — Facebook Messenger plugin enables cross-platform patron service.

In an bid to labour a messaging height to urge business-customer relationships, Facebook introduced in Apr a Discover add-on to improved bond people with companies they’d suffer while also enhancing chatbot functionality. An refurbish launched on Nov 7 adds Customer Chat—a plugin that lets businesses lift on Facebook Messenger conversations right on their possess website. (Source: engadget)

Why this is critical for your business:

Facebook Messenger is apropos an increasingly useful apparatus for many businesses to assistance them with patron use and communications.  If you’re regulating this tool, be certain to check out a new update.

4 — A new tech organisation wants to strengthen genuine estate agents from opioid addicts.

If you’re a genuine estate agent, you’ll wish to learn about Forwarn—a new association charity an app that performs present credentials checks on intensity clients. Much like a military report, this apparatus will assistance keep agents—especially those representing higher-end properties—safe from opioid addicts who, increasingly, are posing as intensity homebuyers and engagement residence tours in sequence to get entrance to medicine cabinets. (Source: MSN)

Why this is critical for your business:

Seems like a good tech apparatus for people in a genuine estate business and value giving a try.

5 — Medical startup raises £15m for protracted existence medicine headsets.

The backers of Facebook’s Oculus headset have affianced $20m to assistance a startup association in London rise holographic medicine headsets. The dual former surgeons who founded Touch Surgery will launch an “augmented reality” apparatus that trains medics on a finer points of surgery. By wearing a Microsoft Hololens headset, they’d see a live video feed of a veteran surgeon, overlaid with practical guides to how a medicine is performed. (Source: The Telegraph)

Why this is critical for your business:

Yet another good use of protracted reality.  Any ideas for your business?


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