Sharing economy, Fintech and tool tech among descending startup trends

A new report from Irish formed tech PR group ClearStory international has suggested a poignant diminution in seductiveness opposite a array of formerly renouned tech sectors.

The ClearStory International startup trend news 2019 analyses rising and descending startup tech trends opposite Irish media. The news analyses 37 trends, providing singular insights into areas of record that are heading inhabitant discuss and interest.

The report, expelled today, has shown a tip 5 descending startup tech trends in Ireland are:

1. Sharing economy

2. Fintech

3. Wearables

4. Drones

5. Virtual Reality

In addition, ClearStory ubiquitous identified a 5 fastest flourishing trends for startups among Irish media. These are:

– Gig economy

– Cryptocurrency

– Cybersecurity

– Remote working

– Blockchain

These commentary prove clever seductiveness in destiny of work trends opposite Ireland. The change in seductiveness has surged given 2016, overtaking Blockchain and AI, and is on march to turn Ireland’s many talked about startup tech topic.


Overall media coverage of tech and startups has increasing by 59% over a past dual years as a implications of rising tech on a open sojourn a pivotal area of interest.

From Artificial Intelligence to Pet Tech, a news examines a arise in media coverage of tech trends in Ireland in new years, from 3,453 associated articles in 2016 to 5,883 in 2018 as seductiveness in rising trends peaked. Tech trends such as Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain mostly led a surge, upheld by expansion in rising workplace topics such as a gig economy, coworking and remote working.

Commenting on a recover of ClearStory International’s initial Startup Trend Report, Managing Director, James McCann said:

“While Artificial Intelligence and a implications of Blockchain continue to constraint a imagination of a Irish public, it’s a destiny of work that is quick apropos a many talked about tech subject in Ireland. The gig economy, co-working and remote operative are all fast rising trends and ubiquitous tech coverage with it, that has increasing to 59% over dual years”.

He added:

“The ClearStory Startup Trend Report aims to support a Irish startup ecosystem and associated stakeholders in their decision-making processes for 2020. It gives an overview as to what trends are heading inhabitant discuss and will form partial of a tellurian array analysing trends in other countries”.

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