Simple sports questions branch even a latest technology

Gee, after that World Series, it was certain good that Thursday’s Bills-Jets finished during such a civil, all-in time, 11:45 p.m.

Anyway, during first, Alexa and we got along great: “Alexa, spin on my light,” “Alexa, spin off my light.”

Now? She claims to have no thought what I’m articulate about. we even have to strech over to spin out a light, myself. Was it something we said?

Thus, as slow questions sojourn unanswered, Alexa will be no help.

For example, we’ve finished a second uninterrupted deteriorate during that Gary Sanchez, who needs a Spanish-to-English interpreter to control interviews, stood on a pile vocalization with Masahiro Tanaka, who needs a Japanese-to-English interpreter, while both hold their gloves over their faces.

Does this forestall lip-reading opponents — any group now has during slightest one — from decoding and relaying a essence of their review to a beat before a subsequent pitch?

Does Tanaka pronounce Spanish or does Sanchez pronounce Japanese? Or does any cruise a other has bad breath?

Then there’s Seattle receiver Doug Baldwin. Oct, 22 opposite a Giants he hold a touchdown pass afterwards genuflected in a finish section in what seemed to be honest devout reflection. In a 2015 Super Bowl he hold a TD pass afterwards mimed defecating a ball.

What gives? Does a NFL concede six-point conversions?

Next, we have those who have watched Notre Dame football this deteriorate underneath a TV-delivered sense that ND’s turnaround is in immeasurable partial due to a immeasurable alleviation in a Red Zone.

But with 40 seconds left in a 35-14 win Oct 28, ND from a N.C. State four, let a time expire. And as former ABC stats male Ed Joyce notes, this was immediately purebred as a finish Red Zone disaster to be distributed and enclosed in destiny TV show-and-tells as insight.

Years after Red Zone stats debuted, we still don’t know if fourth-and-6 from a 19 binds a same statistical weight as first-and-goal from a 1. That’s a initial doubt we asked Alexa — she answered something about a Cold War — yet we entirely think it does.

Thus, what’s frequently presented to us as divulgence is reduction than meaningless — a NFL’s 3 many successful Red Zone teams final deteriorate went 18-30 — but, still, so what?

The best we can do is to stop capitalizing Red Zone. From now on, it’s red zone.

Then there’s a unpleasant descent of clear, germane talk, transposed with even some-more unpleasant empty blandishments. Joe Tessitore, on ESPN’s Oklahoma State-West Virginia, pronounced both starting quarterbacks “have singular ability sets.” How many skills can a QB have that any has during slightest one that’s unique?

Next, there’s dangling Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who was jettisoned from a University of Florida group in 2011 following dual attack arrests, dual drug busts. And yet a annual steal of Florida’s recruited student-athletes has turn a given, Jenkins disregarded UF’s despotic formula of conduct: 4 arrests and you’re out.

Still, a Giants sealed him to a five-year $62.5 million deal. Why, Alexa, why?

On Sept. 23, A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell became a initial and usually MLB actor to take a knee during a inhabitant anthem. That done a ton of news and noise.

Last week Maxwell was arrested, charged with aggravated attack with a lethal arms — a gun — hold to a conduct of a lady delivering food to his home. Why didn’t that make as most news or noise?

Finally, given are Subway sandwiches piled high with beef … yet usually in TV ads?

Why? we don’t know. I’d ask Alexa yet we’re no longer speaking.

Lots of news floating around a FAN

Busy week, in and around WFAN.

For starters, Joesph Meli, indicted combine of Craig Carton in a sheet Ponzi scheme, Tuesday pleaded guilty to fraud. He’s confronting 5-8 years in jail during a Jan sentencing. Monday, another suspect in a case, Steve Simmons, pleaded guilty to conspiracy.

Carton, still claiming sum innocence, is scheduled for a Wednesday justice hearing.

Meanwhile, behind during a ranch, Gregg Giannotti seems to be a close as Boomer Esiason’s new full-time partner.

Giannotti, 2006 Hofstra grad and former FAN intern, so distant has been listened as credible, crafty and purify — criteria avoided by Carton in suitability with a how-to-succeed-in-radio manual. Residually, perhaps, Esiason is now some-more prone toward good conversation, tying his requisite counterfeit tack-ons.

Giannotti also voices a glorious Mike Francesa imitation. Ah, Francesa.

Last week he sounded entirely prepared to disembark WFAN as Capt. Queeg, some-more delusional and megalomaniacal by a minute, worsening self-inflation until his conduct bursts.

Where once he deceived himself into meditative that his now past-tense loyalty with Bill Parcells was prologue to a tip executive position with a Jets, maybe GM, final week he severely told a tourist he would severely cruise an offer to conduct a Yankees, supposing — and he steady this — “the income is right.”

Got that? His initial managerial pursuit will cost a Yankees copiousness — yet Francesa now can explain that a Yankees couldn’t means him.

Mike FrancesaN.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Then he incited to what he’ll do post-WFAN, his prior “retirement” explain another dishonesty, and his drastic open offer to rescue a hire after a remarkable exit of Carton apparently deserted — or not even broached — by WFAN/CBS Radio.

Francesa spoke as if a universe will know his preference has been reached by gripping a burial for white fume billowing from a Vatican’s chimney. Recalling his built explain that The Pentagon had solicited his recommendation — mislaid fasten — he dubiously claimed Twitter has recruited him, yet he’s undecided.

He also pronounced his stream agreement forbids him to contend where he’ll subsequent rule. First, he pronounced he has to “go dark” until Jan. 1, afterwards revised that to “90 days.”

Next, abrasive news: “You’re going to have to sufficient for a small while. You’re going to have to get along but me.”

But afterwards good news, peons: Though comically barbarous a past 25 years for creation (then ignoring) colossally wrong picks, he pronounced he’ll find a approach to “release” — sell? — his NFL picks, given “they have value.”

Wherever he goes, including only going away, there will not be a counterpart estimable of his reflection.

Reports raining supreme

Last Sunday’s East Coast complicated rainfall was a asset for NFL sideline reporters.

On FOX’s Falcons-Jets, Kristina Pink 3 times reported what couldn’t be missed — it’s raining hard. The third time she hold adult a transparent cup, two-thirds filled with rainwater, to infer it.

Next, FOX’s Erin Andrews, from Washington, reported this startling fact about a Dallas QB: “This is a initial stormy diversion for Dak Prescott.” Yes, given childhood, he played all his football possibly indoors, or outdoor — unless it was raining.

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