Speed Up Dispensing and Enhance Operator Safety with Automated Dosing Technology

Manual representation credentials is a labor-intensive assign shabby by many factors including a sourroundings and user skill. To supplement to a complexity, many of a substances rubbed are active and potentially poisonous to operators, so requiring a mostly unwieldy further of a reserve enclosure.

To revoke a risks of both user blunder and user exposure, METTLER TOLEDO grown a Quantos programmed dosing complement that offers both liquid- and powder-dosing modules. The complement is designed to capacitate labs to revoke or probably discharge out-of-specification results, rework/disposal costs, and user bearing risk.

Sample credentials around weighing rather than volumetric dosing can revoke a compulsory smallest weight of rubbed substances by 30 percent. This rebate can meant that usually a smallest volume of precious, singular or poisonous representation element is used. Operators strech accurate thoroughness levels while entirely complying with USP guidelines, even when doing powdered substances that are disposed to electrostatic charge.

Because Quantos is modular, a pattern and turn of automation will change depending on a specific workflows in a lab. 

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