Stocks This Week: Short Micron Technology, Facebook And Lam Research

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The marketplace is expected to decrease this week as a improvement resumes after a brief convene of a final twoweeks. The dump will expected finish by a 19th.

The anniversary cycle for Micron Technology falls from Nov 8th to a 20th, Micron’s weakest duration in a month of November. In addition, a weekly cycle of Micron Technology incited down on Oct 4th. Six of a final 7 sell signals have been successful. The batch could decrease to $93.4 to $92.0 in a entrance week. The cycle does not bottom until a 22nd, though traders might wish to take increase by a 19th.

Chart 1

The Micron cycle peaks this week.Cycles Research Investments LLC

Chart 2

The batch is overbought and relations strength is weak.Cycles Research Investments LLC

Facebook is expected to decrease this week. There is a cycle rise on a 13th. Ten of twelve sell signals have been essential in a final year. The batch is overbought daily and relations strength has strike a new low. The $139 level, a Oct 29th low, is a downside target.

Chart 3

The Facebook cycle peaks now.Cycles Research Investments LLC

Chart 4

Momentum is loss and relations strength is during new lows.Cycles Research Investments LLC

LAM Research was featured in a posting on Sep 23rd as a short. The batch has declined from $154.70 to $147.85. All 6 sell signals in a final year have been profitable. The $141-$143 turn is a reasonable downside smallest target.

Chart 5

The cycle is still disappearing given a Sep 23rd posting.Cycles Research Investments LLC

Chart 6

The cycle decrease preceded this tumble in share price.Cycles Research Investments LLC


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