Tech incubator Fountech.Ventures launches in US and UK

Fountech.Ventures, a subsequent era incubator for low tech startups, has launched in a US and UK.

The auxiliary association of, a four-year-old general AI consider tank and primogenitor association to a series of dilettante AI and low tech firms, is formed in Austin, Texas, US and originated in London, UK.

Fountech.Ventures goes above and over a customary incubator – it provides broader services over a longer timeframe so founders of low tech startups can fast-track their businesses from ideation to blurb success.

Fountech.Ventures develops tailored programmes for members, pity technical and blurb knowledge, along with a sustenance of halt CEOs, funding, business advice, bureau space and general networking opportunities.

Headed by Salvatore Minetti, a group of gifted tech experts will work with low tech startups travelling synthetic comprehension (AI), robotics, quantum computing and blockchain.

Based on swell and continual assessments, Fountech.Ventures will deposit a possess supports into a portfolio companies, from pre-seed turn right by to Series B.

Salvatore Minetti, CEO of Fountech.Ventures, said: “The US and UK are home to a immeasurable series of low tech startups that have measureless expansion potential. However, reaching that intensity is formidable – tech experts and PhD graduates have implausible ideas for how to use new and modernized technologies though mostly miss a skills and knowledge to renovate them into successful businesses.

“Fountech.Ventures will change all this by delivering a blurb imagination and infrastructure that is sorely needed. What’s more, a fact that a members can also entrance critical appropriation and a general hubs means we have a singular ability to move products and services grounded in heading corner technologies to outrageous markets.

“It is this end-to-end charity that creates us some-more than a standard incubator – Fountech.Ventures is a subsequent era incubator.”

Fountech.Ventures already has 6 portfolio companies. These embody Soffos, an AI TutorBot; Prospex, an AI-powered lead era tool; and Dinabite, a grill app built on an AI platform.

Rebecca Taylor and Joseph McCall have assimilated a Fountech.Ventures house as directors. The house is to be bolstered serve with additional appointments in a entrance weeks.

Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and owner of a primogenitor association, commented: “We are gay to betray Fountech.Ventures today.

“This subsequent gen incubator is going to propel a expansion of low tech startups opposite both sides of a Atlantic. In doing so, we will capacitate innovative heading corner tech solutions to flower and hence urge a lives of consumers, businesses and societies.”

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