Technology and humans can be complementary, not competitive, says SATS CEO

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Advancements in a margin of robotics have driven fears opposite a creation that many jobs could shortly be replaced by machines.

But that does not always have to be a case, according to Alex Hungate, boss and CEO of airfield ground-handler and catering solutions provider SATS.

The company, that operates in 50 locations opposite 14 countries, has done vast inroads in technological investments underneath Hungate’s leadership. The investments seem to have paid off, with SATS saying an boost in altogether capability opposite a business units while gripping labor costs in check.

Speaking with CNBC’s “Capital Connection” on Tuesday, Hungate pronounced that robotics and automation record implementations in companies mostly event due to a disaster to revoke employees’ fears: “At SATS, we’re technology-driven though we’re people-led, so we try to inspire people to come adult with a ideas about how we use record and we mislay a hazard that we referred to by saying really clearly that we don’t intend to revoke their jobs.”

“We intend to keep a same series of people over a prolonged tenure and advantage from these expansion trends,” he added, emphasizing a significance of people-driven creation during SATS.

The association is also betting large on e-commerce in Southeast Asia, opening a SATS e-commerce Airhub in Singapore’s Changi Airport recently in a bid to fast boost ability to accommodate rising direct in a region.

“E-commerce is one of a large stories of a age, we know, Southeast Asia is indeed a fastest flourishing internet segment in a world. E-commerce volumes (are) flourishing during about 30 percent per annum and (are) estimated to be $88 billion in value by 2025,” Hungate said.

To stay forward of a curve, a adoption of record has turn a prerequisite for a company.

“What we don’t wish is a tip line boost to dump down, we know, to need employing a lot some-more people so it doesn’t dump to a bottom line,” Hungate said. “By deploying collateral in technology, in a high-tech trickery like this, we’re going from 500 mailbags per hour to 1,800 mail bags per hour currently and afterwards we have a ability to double that but employing any people.”

Looking ahead, Hungate pronounced record is expected to continue personification an critical purpose for a company.


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