Technology Stock Declines Are Likely Window Dressing Reversals

The Apple Inc. trademark is displayed on a guard outward a Nasdaq MarketSite in New York, U.S., on Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018. Photographer: Peter Foley/Bloomberg

The finish of a third entertain showed justification of window sauce (see “Stock Market: Ignore Last Week’s ‘Window Dressing’ – Look Ahead”). Technology bonds were beneficiaries, carrying achieved good this year. Now that a quarter-end holding reports are set, those same bonds reversed, losing a short-term gains. Therefore, for now, we should provide any other explanations as uncertain, even doubtful.

Disclosure: Author binds U.S. bonds and U.S. batch funds. Individual batch land do not embody any of a FAANG stocks.

Two cinema of window sauce with tech stocks

A good approach to see final quarter’s window sauce is to inspect a adored five, FAANG bonds (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google/Alphabet).

This graph shows a opening of a 5 bonds and a Nasdaq Composite Index. The duration is a final week of final entertain and a initial week of this quarter, and currently (Monday, 10/8). Note that, first, a 5 outperformed a Nasdaq (except for Facebook, that ran into disastrous news). This entertain they have mislaid a outperformance, solely for Apple.

FAANG and Nasdaq performanceJohn Tobey (

This subsequent graph shows a opening of a FAANG bonds relations to a ubiquitous marketplace (as totalled by a SP 500). The perspective exhibits a same outperformance and underperformance pattern, with a net outcome about flat, solely for Apple.

FAANG and SP500 performanceJohn Tobey (

Two takeaways from a pictures, above

First, there is no special summary from tech stocks’ underperformance this quarter. Likely, it is simply a annulment of a prior week’s run-up.

Second, a new dump is not a “buy-on-the-dip” opportunity. Rather, a bonds are behind to their gratefulness levels of two+ weeks ago.

Then, there is an combined regard to make:

Earnings reports are entrance soon. How a companies, themselves, have performed and what government says about their outlooks (particularly for 2019) should expostulate batch opening from here. Below are a dates (all reports are after a marketplace close):

  • Netflix – Oct. 16
  • – Oct. 25
  • Alphabet (Google) – Oct. 25
  • Facebook – Oct. 30
  • Apple – Nov. 1

The bottom line

Technology stocks’ new declines are mediocre since they mostly compare a window-dressing rises in a days before. Therefore, we can cruise a adult and down moves as volatility, signifying small as we pierce into a critical duration ahead: gain reports.

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