Theater unites Vintage, Napa high propagandize students

Thank we to Vintage High propagandize students Vince Connell, Emma Hall, Sam Rogers, Bella Souza Puenta, Sarina Temple, Vanessa Rea, Olivia Tindall, Jayden Lopez, Michelle Morales, and Emma Enos for holding a time to assistance out NHS! Napa High expel and organisation enclosed Martin Arriaga, Adam Baker, Will Barsotti-Flanders, Ruby Campbell, Cianna Clay, Desra Dervin, Rileigh Erickson, Erin Fleming, Maddy Jones, Isaiah Newton, Alicia Peralta, Lydia Philips, Aiden Reaka, Rylind Richmond, Richard Rodriguez, Cheyanne Vieau, Melinda Durward, and Brandon Montelongo.

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